Monday, June 1, 2015

May Re-Cap/ June Goals

May went by at super speed and it felt like I barely had time to hold on and it was already bucking beneath me and taking off like a rodeo bronc. Suffice to say, I barely got anything done during the month (riding/driving-wise, that is). I'm not too pleased that I hardly rode my mare and am hoping to make up for it with the dawn of a new month.

Work should be slowing down and in turn, perhaps there may be more pony time in my future.

May Recap- Suzie

  • Work more on suppleness - utilize exercises such as leg yielding, counter-bending, haunches in, shoulder in, etc. Utilize the walk to really warm her up and get her going. Obviously keep in mind her abilities and non-abilities while she is rehabbing. This was quite successful - the more time I spent on suppling the better she was to ride. Go figure.
  • Spins - start to piece together more of a spin within her limitations. No. We didn't work on spins this month.
  • Halts - get better halts. Right now she likes to step forward one more liiiiiittttllleeee step when I ask her to stop. We worked on this, although not as much as I wanted to, but they are getting better!
  • Control of the haunches. This kind of ties into the suppleness exercise, but start to get control of her hind end and placing it where needed. We worked on it, but still have a hard time. Will have to work harder next month.
  • Go on an outing if possible. Nope.
  • Carrot stretches, belly lifts, and try and book a massage appointment for Suzie.We did the stretches, but no chiro appointment yet (chiro never got back to me).

June Goals - Suzie
  • Work to get her back into shape - suppleness, bend, trail riding, etc.
  •  Piece together more spins.
  • Get better control of the haunches.
  • Get better down transitions - continue to work on the halt.
  • Piece together her lope a bit more. 

May Recap - Spud 

  • Buy a new, better fitting harness. Sent in the last measurements on Friday evening! It should be here soon, yayayayay!
  • Start to shed the pounds: continue to pony him to build up fitness (as well as instill some "ponying manners").  We worked on this quite a bit - he came for some trail rides and whatnot. I also bought him a grazing muzzle too (for when they go on pasture).
  • Plug away at working on his fear of fly spray and ground manners. He's still nervous, but better. We'll keep plugging away.
  • Drive him in the arena at the Fairgrounds if the footing is decent enough or the meadow. Instill the morals of connection, straightness and rhythm.  Nope.
  • Work on his lunging manners. He's actually been pretty good with the lunging, although I didn't work on it as much as I could've.
  • Make sure when working on driving, in-hand, etc to QUIT while I am ahead. Don't ask for more when "more" isn't there. He's been fantastic this month! I've also stopped 'nagging' and expecting perfection.... ALSOOOO I booked a clinic for us in June!

June Goals - Spud

  • Attend a Driving Clinic and get some good instruction, have a good time, and hopefully Spud can show off what he's capable of!
  •  Drive him in the Fairgrounds arena or meadow.
  •  Work on cantering in harness.
  •  Work on turning (thru cones if possible).


  1. All achievable goals I'd say. Have fun. Love Spud in the grazing muzzle.

  2. um so i'm actually SUPER excited about the driving clinic! great goals all around :)

    1. I've actually been trying to find someone to go with me! They don't necessarily have to drive, as they can ride their own horse on the grounds as well.