Thursday, May 28, 2015

Leaving the City

First off, I appreciate everyone's well wishes and warm thoughts regarding the last post. It has been an interesting last couple of days, especially since I literally hopped onto an airplane right after burying Ratticus on the property. Thankfully, my mom came over on the ferry and visited for three days so I wasn't completely alone and bored out of my skull.

BUT, it truly never ceases to amaze me how much I hate the city.

And people.

In between the work courses I was able to get a decent amount of horse-related shopping done and subsequently spoiled Spud rotten. Poor Suzie didn't get anything - not that she really needs anything though!

Pony loot!

I ended up purchasing (from top L clockwise):

1. A new hard bristled brush (I like how big the brush is).

2. Grazing Muzzle - you will notice I actually have two muzzles. I found this grazing muzzle after and prefer it, simply because he can still eat, although minimally.

3. Mini Bell Boots - OMG. How cute are these!?! I wanted some kind of leg/ heel protection for him, esp. if I am going to continue to have him canter in harness.

4. Mesh Muzzle - I bought this muzzle before I found the grazing one. I was going to return it, but it was only $11 and you never know when it might come in handy (ie. Spud loses or destroys the other one).

5. Mini SMB-Type Boots - These are hilariously little, too. Only one pair in the entire store and they were about $15 so I snapped them up. Score.

6. Suckling Leather Halter - I couldn't for the life of me find a break-away mini halter so this is the halter that will be attached to the grazing muzzle. I don't feel comfortable turning him out in a nylon one, just because he could get hung up on things and knowing Spud, I know he'll panic. The halter was pretty cheap too and it makes sense to have for safety reasons.

7. Braiding Bands - 'Cause why not. I never have any when I need them and am forever losing them.

8. Pony-Sized Saddle Pad - Anyone recognize this pad? Suzie has the exact same one. I can't wait to see them twinning all over the place.

Suzie's blue pad.
I did try to find bell boots (NOT rubber) and a saddle-horn bag for Suzie but couldn't find anything! Ah well, I did end up finding a cute rectangular "purse" thing I can use to hold my cell phone, hoof pick, spare lead, etc  for distance rides and just have to jimmy-rig it to the saddle.

And all in all, I'm tired of the hustle and bustle of the city. I'm ready to go home and cuddle my pets, grieve for my little Ratticus, and see my sweet man who has been holding down the fort.


  1. bummer that the city trip isn't a ton of fun - but i love all that new swag! can't wait to see Spud all dressed up :D

    1. I have never liked the city - too much ambient noise and too many people for my liking. I've always been a "country" girl at heart. The mountains and rivers have to be within walking distance!

  2. I didn't even know what those bell boots were just looking at the picture! We need to see Spud all dressed up, pronto.

    1. Aren't they hilarious?! I think they'd fit around Suzie's tailbone... maybe.

      Photos will be coming soon! Stay tuned.