Sunday, April 26, 2015

Week 1: Equine Choice Probiotics

March 31st the probiotics and hoof supplement came in and the Boyfriend went and picked up the package for me. The ulcer supplement and preventative  is called "Equine Choice Proboitics". It is made by a Canadian owned company that has been producing animal probiotics for over 20 years. The purpose of this product is to balance pH levels in the stomach (as well as hind gut) and is formulated specifically for the equine digestive system.

I purchased both the Oral Paste and the Feed Supplement. The Oral Paste is an 80cc tube and can render approximately 4-5 doses and is meant to be fed for a certain amount of days before being switched on to the supplement OR it is to be fed prior to a stressful situation . The Feed Supplement is a dry, granular supplement which is meant to be fed on a daily basis.

The directions for the paste and granules are different depending on your situation and your problems. I went the "hind gut ulcer" route and in following the directions, initiated the administering of the paste on April 18th (simply because for the first day the paste needs to be given every 6 hours and with working 10-12 hour days it just would not be feasible until my week off).

Day 1 - April 18th - 20cc dose every 6 hours

The dial system was really easy to use and I liked the fact it came with a replaceable cap. Unfortunately, Suzie wasn't so excited. If anyone remembers the whole antibiotic debacle from last year, you'd know my pain in trying to syringe things to Miss Mare. She'll fight me and although in the end she will relent, she is eager to let me know how displeased she is.

The paste smelt kind of sweet but had an underlying wet cardboard smell to it. I cannot put my finger on it, but it certainly is not something I have smelt before. It isn't a "wet" paste either - more like the consistency of toothpaste.

Day 2 - 7 - April 19th - April 25th - One 20cc dose
Alternated between fighting and taking it quietly. Still seems sensitive in her lower stomach (just under the loin) area. I've noticed that she seemed to balloon a bit in weight - will have to compare photos to see if my thoughts are correct. She also seems brighter and is a bit more cheekier than usual.

I'm the cutest.

So What Does This Mean?

Well, we have two more 20cc dosages of the paste before switching over to the powder. I cannot really comment on if it has cured her or has balanced her pH, but I am seeing some positive side-effects which I believe are in relation to the paste.

I have noticed that she has gained some weight and also seems brighter/ cheekier than usual. I'm not certain if it can be attributed to the ulcer treatment, but I believe it will only go up from here (it has to, right?). Her stools have been consistently formed and other than an odd loose pile here and there in the pasture I have not seen the normal amount like before. And even while riding she is much more pleasant - forward and steady-feeling. Again, her poops undersaddle are not "worry" poops and are formed and solid too.

She seems less stressed when taken on trail rides and although it could be a process of going out more often and getting rid of her Spring Silliness, she feels good. She feels... younger in a way.


  1. I would say if you think it's working then it probably is. And she is the cutest!

    1. I think it is playing an effective role, for sure.

  2. so far so good! fingers crossed you continue to see the improvements and a 'younger' seeming Suzie!

    1. Thank you! We start on the powder today - which is exciting!

  3. My horses eat the powder every day! They thought it was weird at first but now they love it. I think it smells yummy. Their coats look amazing after only two months on it :)

    1. Are they on the exact same stuff Suzie is on? Interesting!