Friday, April 10, 2015

Spa Day and Cutting Down the First Trees

Standing tied amidst the mess.
This past Wednesday I went out after work with the intention of brushing both of the horses and cleaning up a bit. Suzie and Spud have been shedding for the better part of the week and I wanted to get most of the itchy hair off of them and on to me. I figured it would also be good tying practice for Spud since I do not really know the extent of his tying history.

I needn't worry because while I brushed out Suzie the little pony stood still and although he attempted to eat what little grass was on the ground and paw a few times, he was quiet. Once I turned my attention to him and began brushing I saw an opportunity to practice yielding the haunches and shoulders when I poke/ place pressure with my hands. Since his episode of "I don't wanna", I've taken it upon myself to really hammer it into his little brain that pressure = move away not into. He's really blossomed with it, which is great to see.

Standing on some VERY sloped ground, out of shape, and shedding...
she looks pretty damn good for being 21.
After brushing them out and getting more hair on me than the ground I turned them back out, shoveled a good amount of manure and then snapped some photos of the animals (including the dogs) being a mixture of goofy (Spud) and cute (the rest of the gang). I still haven't had time to process them but they will hopefully be on the blog tomorrow!

 There is little to update in the way of Suzie. She gets shoes on this coming Wednesday and has been on Farrier's Formula for almost a week now (will update with my findings on this after a good solid month). She'll start her ulcer program on Sunday and I'll report back with my findings after I've had some conclusive data. Other than that, we've been enjoying the sunshine and I'm trying my best to spend lots of time with them despite working late, housework, and other responsibilities.

Certainly doesn't look like much.

I was supposed to drive Spud lastnight but I forgot my keys on my desk at work and didn't realize it until I had already badged out and was in the carpark. All the walking back and forth (through security) had me going late so I headed home right away and the Boy and I went to the properties to cut down some trees and get a start on our dream. It was hard work, lugging around underbrush and cut logs but I'm excited to see it start to take shape.

The plan is, once our eight days off comes around there will be much more in the way of cutting/ burning, etc. It's exciting to get started and although it will be a lot of hard work, it is so worth it.

Also, I shared a mango popsicle with the dogs.


  1. Dogs love ice cream I'm sure they enjoyed it. Working outside is always lots of work but it will pay off in the end. Susie looks very good. Have a good weekend.

    1. I was surprised they liked the mango popsicle, lol. Ty LOVES Dairy Queen ice cream though.

  2. ahhh so excited to see the progress you make with the properties! hope the farriers formula is working for Suzie and that she'll be right as rain with new shoes :)