Thursday, April 30, 2015

Vet Day: Good News and Bad News

"Maaaaam, halp me."
 I have some good news and some bad news. In light of the last few posts, I think starting off with the good news would be the most beneficial and while I do have bad news to share – I do not think the bad news outweighs the good, thankfully. I took the day off work yesterday because the Mobile Vets were coming up for their annual visit to the area to perform routine work-ups on horses, cows, goats, etc. I had booked my two hairy (and shedding!) beasts in for teeth, vaccines and a sheath cleaning (for Spud, not Suzie). I was anticipating a semi-large bill, but wasn’t too concerned with the cost. 

The Vets started out with Suzie and I ended up explaining how she had fallen on the Friday and how I’ve been managing her off-ness and pain for that time. I went over how her hips are uneven now as a result of the fall and how she did have some mild swelling in her left elbow. The vet did a body work-up and palpated various areas. She is visibly sore on her haunches – where it is “out” – and in several points along her neck. No doubt this is a result of the fall. We went ahead and started a treatment of acupuncture in the affected areas. 

Some acupuncture for Ms. Mare.
 While we left Suzie to “bake” with the needles (before Spud’s teeth were filed the Vet pulled the needles), Spud was prepped for his teeth cleaning. He took the needle well and was good about strangers handling him. He did have several sharp points but nothing was glaringly wrong with his mouth other than he was missing one tooth in all four quadrants (there was no open space or hole, the tooth simply just never came to be). One tooth was very sharp and was positioned in the back of his mouth and unfortunately, the Vet ended up giving him a bit of an owie on his gum line. She did the best she could but his mouth is SO small and narrow; she did apologize profusely to me afterwards. I was OK with it mostly because it wasn’t like she had punctured his mouth or caused any serious damage – just a little sore. He did super well for his sheath cleaning as well – the vet assistant found a small bean but otherwise he was very clean. Good boy!

Suzie stood patiently in the barn munching on her left-over breakfast when I pulled her out to have a quick lameness exam done on her. I had told the Vet I hadn’t trotted her out in about 4-5 days due to the disgusting monsoon weather (coupled with high winds which knocked the power out yesterday) and I wanted the Vet’s final opinion on it all. I trotted her out on the hard pavement and the Vet found something pretty interesting – her front right foot is not balanced properly. Basically, she walks and hits the inside portion of her hoof down FIRST and then rolls onto the outside portion. Vet said it is a lot like wearing shoes where one side of it is high and the other side is not; it causes stress points and potential damage to the tendons for being overstressed. She asked for me to talk to the Farrier when he comes out for her next reset, as she does not have enough growth to have it corrected at this moment.

She always blinks when I take nice photos, but
I'm pretty happy with how she is looking this year.
Still needs to shed out some but it's still snowing
up on the mountains so I'll forgive her.

The best thing about it all? She trotted out SOUND as sound could be! Vet and I spoke about a game plan to come back in action and Vet wants her to stay on Previcox as well as three weeks of “light” work. I can still walk/jog/lope but no difficult collection and a lot of stretching over her topline. Kind of messes up the plans we had for next month, but I can do that. It’s much better than having a horse who is still lame!  Vet also recommended I buy a Back on Track sheet to help stimulate blood flow in her back, haunches, and shoulder areas as well as gave me some stretching exercises to do.
Other than that, her teeth checked out fine; there were some sharp points but Vet is confident that she’ll be good for a year now (she’s had her teeth done twice a year since I’ve owned her) since we are getting her back on track again. 

Looking pretty damn cute, and slightly drunk still.
 So, all the Vet stuff is done; hopefully that’ll be the last of it for the rest of the year! It’s hard not having a local Vet, but even being 8hrs away this Vet has been so helpful to me and Suzie. The visits may be few and far between but Vet is confident I am on the right track – she complimented me on Suzie’s weight, overall health and the behavior of both my horses. I was a proud Mom and a proud owner in that moment. It’s nice to know I am doing the right thing sometimes, especially because it can make you feel so isolated and alone with no veterinary care in the area. 

Now on to the bad news (which isn’t that bad at all): Spud is off for a week due to the unfortunate owie he sustained during his float. He’s on bute and is having no difficulties eating, drinking, etc but I don’t want to hurt him with the bit or cause any issues that way. Suzie is cleared to go back to riding which is GREAT but it’s literally been pouring the last few days. Just POURING. Please go away rain so I can ride my mare.

What is that saying? April monsoons bring May.... ?


  1. All in all it sounds like a good vet visit. Spud is adorable. Susie is very sweet also. Once she has her balance corrected with her foot I'm sure she will feel much better. The stretching and light work will help too.

    1. Thankfully there was nothing glaringly wrong - although my credit card would beg to differ, LOL. The horse's wellbeing is a fore-front though and I'd rather have an $800 vet bill spent on preventative maintenance than $1000 spent on something that could have been prevented.

  2. that's actually quite a bit of good news - seems like both your ponehs are in pretty good shape, and that a few concerns actually aren't as serious as they might have seemed. good stuff! plus they're both adorable as usual :)

  3. May mud coming our way lol. Glad the vet visit went (fairly) well - we don't have a local one here either so I know how it can be a little stressful having them come out for everything all at once!

    1. HA! That's a good one. I'm sure you know the mud all too well.

  4. Aw Spud's little face is not happy with the float! Glad your critters are doing well for the most part :)

    1. He wasn't amused, but he was such a good boy. The Vets were telling me how they had floated another mini earlier that week and it took all FOUR of them to hold her down for the sedative!

  5. Medieval pony torture device! His face says it all. (Adorable!) He'll bounce back soon.