Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March Re-cap/ April Goals

My March goals were a stretch - it certainly wasn't a surprise when I planned them. With the increased work-load, impending monsoon season (so jealous of everyone who has an indoor!), and a large chunk of time off visiting the parents, I knew riding and working the horses would take the unfortunate back-seat. But, I prevailed and surprisingly, knocked quite a few of my goals off the list.

Wrapped stirrup leathers cause my legs are so short.
And no, that isn't my jumping length.
March Recap – Suzie

  • Showmanship. We worked on this a bit and she was pretty good for the times I did practice it. However, we didn't practice it more than twice. So, this is a fail...
  • Work on her "separation anxiety” she seems to get when Spud leaves. Dose her with Rescue Remedy for the next few outings and see if that makes a difference. She is much less resistant when leaving and despite being still antsy to get home, she is behaving and listening to my requests. I did not need to dose her with Rescue Remedy or alter her state of thinking in any way either.
  •  Stay on top of her weight. I did put her on beet pulp but not every night - she was fed it once every two days and she beefed up a little more, which was nice to see.
  • Trail ride with other horses again. This was a fail - schedules didn't match up and some days I just wanted to ride alone. 

April Goals - Suzie
  • Start working on a topline and w/t/c. Rhythm and balance are of primary importance, but also start to establish a connection and cadence at all three gaits.
  • Go on an outing (with the trailer).
  • Showmanship - polish the skills and start getting some quality work. Pivots, jogging, etc.
  • Veterinary and chiropractic appointments/ work ups.
  • Trail ride with other horses - I really want to see if this is another area that will cause a hang-up for her and want to address it.
  • Play around with front shoes only - see if it's her fronts that only need the support.
  • Start Suzie on the gastro/ulcer medication and then start the preventative supplements. Also start her on the Farrier's Formula and see if it makes a difference.

March Recap – Spud
  • Continue with the progression in harness, if time allows. Start to get more quality work from him in the means of pace, rhythm and balance. I am hesitant to cross this off the list, as it is a work in progress. Although, we DID work on it thru ground-driving.

  • Clean/condition harness; cause it’s gross. Hooray, this was done!

April Goals - Spud
  • Buy a new, better fitting harness.
  • Practice our turns - more bending and turning thru the body.
  • Work on connection, straightness, and rhythm. But be aware of his "sticky" moments and push him forwards instead of hindering him (ie. the threatening to rear shit).
  • Desensitization and manners. Ground driving over tarps, thru scary things, over poles, etc. Also work on having him move over when asked.
  • Take him to an outing and do some fun in-hand stuff.

March Recap - Barn "Honey-Do" List
  • Purchase a new hose for the barn. Ha! Didn't need to! The old hose still works well and reaches just fine.

  • New lights for the middle aisle of the barn. Boyfriend installed a new light in the hay room, so it does the job!

  • Re-organize the tack room. Yes, I re-organized it a bit but it isn't perfect just yet. I have to bring my standing saddle stand out and move some other stuff around, but it is much better.
  • Fix fences. Most, if not all have been repaired. There is one that is needing a bit more work.

  • Go through tack and separate what I need vs what I don’t need and either put it up for sale or donate to a young riding kid). Went through and put items up for sale on Facebook!
  • Manure removal. This process has already been started, but not finished.

April Barn "Honey-Do" List
  • Fix remainder of the fences.
  • Get rid of the large, gross manure pile that built up over the Winter.
  • Get a new broom for out at the barn (I broke the last one after swatting Spud on the ass [to be fair it was a very OLD broom handle!]... lol. Long story).


  1. Sounds like you were still able to get some stuff done despite everything else. Give yourself a nice pat on the back! Hopefully April is more cooperative!

  2. love that Spud face! nice work staying on top of everything through that crazy weather!

  3. Tackling "separation anxiety" is such a pain, sounds like you guys rocked it in March. :)

    1. Thinking it was more of the Spring Sillies than anything!

  4. I think you accomplished a good amount :) Spud is still adorable (because I like to state the obvious again and again). Seriously, he's so dang cute!

  5. I think you accomplished a good amount :) Spud is still adorable (because I like to state the obvious again and again). Seriously, he's so dang cute!

  6. You've accomplished a lot. There never seems to be an end to chores though. I just repaired some fences yesterday. Spud is adorable as usual.

    Happy Easter!

    1. No, there certainly is no end to the chores!