Friday, March 6, 2015

The Stubborn Shoe and Loose Horses

The chip on the lower right corner is from when her shoe
ripped off from "Old Farier"

On Wednesday I assessed Suzie's foot and the remaining three shoes. The bare foot isn't negatively impacted in any way and  She isn't due for a re-shoe for another 2.5 weeks and with the screw up in the trim with Old Farrier, I'd rather have more hoof for New Farrier to work with. But, I know in my heart what is right. And the right thing is to pull the remaining shoes and wait for her farrier to come back from vacation to re-shoe. It will suck because I won't really be able to ride her out on the gravel, but it is for the best.

When I made that decision, I was out at the barn and naturally did not have anything to pull her shoes off with. So, I wrapped her hoof with some abdominal gauze, vet-wrap and gorilla tape. She was surprisingly very comfortable and walked off sound and happy as could be. I made the decision that I'd pull her shoes on Thursday night after work and trim down the flares a bit.

Mostly wrapped.

It looks like poo, but it works!
Suffice to say, after an hour of begging, pleading, and worshipping the other front shoe to come off, it wouldn't budge. Naturally, the two back shoes are starting to come a bit looser, but that left front is rock solid. Suzie was very patient and kind as I struggled and huffed and puffed. I ended up giving up and messaged one of the Farriers in the area (Farrier who is also on vacation) and asked if I could borrow her shoe-pullers (nipper) and she said sure, to go ahead and ask her Hubby to show me where it was. Thank goodness! Having the appropriate tool for the job will certainly be a HUGE asset.

Other than that, I went to put Suz back in with her hay and as I was stuffing the next morning's hay bag, I heard Suzie walk into the aisle-way. No problem, she normally doesn't go anywhere, so I let it happen. Then, all of a sudden I hear clip clop... clip clop. Uhm, WHERE DID SHE GO?!

Nomnomnom, I'm plotting more shit for you.
As a sidenote, that bucket is so tiny. LOL.
 Her and Spud were having a wonderful old time walking DOWN THE FUCKING ROAD IN THE PITCH BLACK. I sprinted after them and in turn, they trotted farther away and went up the neighbors driveway, stopping by their garage. Suzie was sound as sound could be - bobbing her head and just a'power walking away. I actually had to laugh a little bit because she was just strutting away, all casual with her random wrapped foot and Spud trotted along her side.

But... really horses? I ended up catching Suzie with the haynet I still had in my hand and wrapped it around her neck. I swear, she had a super sheepish grin on her face and I guess the extra mash/grain she has been getting has made her a bit uppity. Seriously though, mare. She has never just wandered away like that before. Talk about another "first". Or maybe it's the case of Winter Crazies? Or maybe she wants me to ride her (how about stop losing shoes and being a physco?!)?

Ready for work in the coal mines.
Also note: That hay waste on the ground is from a whole week - not too bad!
 So, lesson learned. Don't ever trust a red mare. An elderly red mare at that. Especially if she has a miniature accomplice.


Suzie's Stubborn Front Shoe: 1
Cathryn: 0

Rematch goes down tonight.


  1. Pullin' for ya! Git 'r done!

  2. That picture of Spud...oh my gosh so cute.

  3. naughty ponies!!! my mare will absolutely run away from me at the drop of a hat lol. she thinks it is VERY funny lol

    1. It was odd because Suzie doesn't normally wander off - especially not onto the road and down into the neighbors garage!

  4. There's very few horses I will leave loose and trust them not to take off of me. I don't know where they think they're going except to lead me on a merry chase. Good luck with the shoe. Love the coal miner's son!

    1. Like I had said in the post, it was odd because she's never done anything like that before! Truth be told, I do not know if Spud was the one who initially was leading her on, but it certainly was a pain in the butt!

  5. I think Spud is the plotter and Suzie just goes along with his ideas......