Monday, March 23, 2015

I'm Still Here, I Promise.

Peace and serenity.
  The BF and I headed to go visit my parents on the Island from 15th to the 21st and it was a very welcomed vacation. By the end of it, admittedly, I was ready to come home and see my horses and puppies, but not having to do laundry, cook, or wake up early in the morning to feed horses was kind of... freeing. I did realize how much I missed my routine after Day 4 and couldn't wait to get back home.

I did miss out on some prime time riding, but the visit was well over-due and warranted. I went to several tack stores, bought myself some pretty things and almost bought a $1,500 dressage saddle. I tried on a bunch of show jackets, helmets, show shirts, etc. It was heaven to try things on and see how they fitted versus buying it and hoping it fits.

Some of my purchases included:

- Calf-skin stirrup leathers (Originally $179, on sale for $75... who could say no?!)

- Compositi Stirrups - uhm hello.

- Girth - new one for the pony.

- Hoof Nippers - it's almost like I'm willing Suzie to loose another shoe just so I can use these...

- Be-Calm. It's mostly out of curiosity to see if it'll help with her show nerves more than anything.

And I've already decided I'm going to be purchasing a Modern Arista Hunter Show Jacket. 'Cause ohmygod it looks gorgeous and fits beautifully. I've already taken a bunch of photos of tack I am wanting to sell so I can buy the jacket.

Thankfully, after landing back into town on Saturday evening, the BF and I still had Sunday off to enjoy, unpack and unwind a bit before heading back to work on Monday. I spent the day with the horses, cleaning the paddock, moving the water tub and even hopped on Suzie and trotted and cantered for the first time this year. Suzie was much obliged and did not have brakes, which was wonderful.

We also visited an old tree park.


  1. It's always nice to get away. Then again, it's always nice to come home too. Great pictures.

  2. sounds like a restful and peaceful vacation - glad you enjoyed it! lots of good loot from the tack shop too! i love my compositi stirrups :)