Friday, March 13, 2015

FOO: Life of a Working Amateur

Longing for Summer.
Pun intended, LOLs.
 I've actually enjoyed this blog hop that was done by Fly On Over and the resulting "answers" from various bloggers. I've learned so much about fellow bloggers and I wanted to extend the welcome into a larger glimpse into my daily life. I've tried to make the schedule for Spring/Summer rather than Winter (when I ride significantly less).

So without further ado, rinse and repeat the following schedule for 20 days (in a row).

4:50am - Alarm goes off. Snooze

5:00am - Second alarm goes off. Hit snooze again.

5:10am - Third alarm goes off.  Getting up and getting ready.

5:20am - Out the door and driving to go feed the horses (I am clearly one of those "wake up and fucking GO people". I can't stand around and watch the news or sip coffee).

"Food lady, hurry up."
5:30am - Horses fed and happy. Start driving back into town, since work is in the opposite direction.

5:50am - Arrive at work, badge in and walk onto site. (The schedule has changed a bit because Jamie was on a 6-5 shift like me, but his company changed to 7:30-6, so now he takes his own vehicle in).

6:00am - Arrive at Office and begin daily preparations.

---- insert daily work activities such as safety walk-throughs, inspections, weekly safety meetings, toolbox talks, more meetings, trending reports, first aid visits (Ihope for none, though!), job hazard analysis reviews, etc etc ----

5:00pm - Badge out and start running to the car.

5:10pm - Leave car park and head straight to the horses to feed (usually in Winter). OR, run home and grab riding gear, dogs,etc and head out to ride.

My happy place

5:30pm - Arrive at barn and if it is Spring/Summer I will gear up for a ride. Otherwise, I feed the horses again and tell them how much I love them and cry because I want to ride. I will also clean manure, fill water, prep next morning's meals, grain, fly spray, blanket, etc etc.

6:00pm - During the Winter this is the time I'd get home from the barn... so I'll start making dinner. Or sometimes come home and hit the gym if I am lucky and just eat later. In the Spring/Summer I'll still be out riding!

7:45pm - Do chores - laundry, vacuuming, cleaning rat cages, walking dogs, grocery shopping, etc. Somehow manage to not be able to sit down at all. Spring/Summer: Home from barn around this time, or 8-8:30pm and start on the above chores.

8:45pm - Shower, get ready for bed.

9:30pm - Bed.

We snooze whenever.
 Rinse and repeat for 20 days - and of course, my schedule is very, very subject to change if there is an incident at work and I need to stay late. I've worked many thirteen and fourteen hour shifts because something has gone wrong just before the end of shift.

But after twenty days of uninterrupted work, I get SEVEN* glorious days where I get to do whatever I want because I don't have to go to work!!!! YAY for construction jobs.

*Tomorrow is Day 20, which means my week off is almost here! and Jamie and I fly out on Sunday for a week to visit my parents, so there will be some large radio silence on my end!


  1. I'm definitely one of those who gets up and GOES too lol. Your work schedule seems really interesting. Not quite sure I could hack 20 days in a row, but the week of sounds amazeballs haha

  2. I'm exactly the same way in the morning -- get up and GO!