Tuesday, February 10, 2015

We Survived Snowmageddon

Choose a weapon
 The last few days have gone by in somewhat of a blur. In moments of panic is when we truly realize what we are made of - what lengths we will go to to ensure our animals are safe and cared for. In all honesty, I was afraid of waking up Saturday morning to find my horse's crushed beneath their lean-to shelter. I am thankful that nothing serious happened and that no one was injured, as there is damage from the storm everywhere we turn. I am glad that my horses, my dogs, and my family did not succumb to any of it.

Rain is predicted in the foreseeable future - heavy, digusting, wet rain. Approximately 30mm of rain - Suzie is going to kill me. Let's hope the weather starts to improve and the flooding that is more than likely to occur does not impact our homes or the horse's negatively. I have a feeling that the rain is going to cause weight and in turn, will cause more damage to structures (namely house roofs).

In a way, the Snowmageddon brought a lot of at home bonding time and as they say - a little hard work never hurt anybody. Below are some of my favorite pictures taken throughout the last couples of days. Enjoy and hug your horses.

Jamie jumped off the horse's lean-to roof and sunk to his shoulders.
My brother standing beside him is 6'4" for reference.

The roads out to the horses were only single-lane traffic
for a couple of days.

The driveway to the horse's finally got cleared yesterday.

Ears are only perked for food. Otherwise, she is miserable.

So done with the fucking snow.

The dogs, playing King of the Castle on the snow hill at "Grandma's".

Shoveling, shoveling, shoveling.

Jamie's truck, after some serious snowfall.

Suzie walking through the little horseshoe path
I hand-shovelled for them.


  1. Just holy cow wow! That is a crazy amount of snow :(

  2. great pictures!!! so glad you all pulled through with minimal issue (aside from crabby cabin-fever ponies!). good luck with the rain and potential flooding!

  3. Holy crap! That is a ridiculous amount of snow! I can't even imagine shoveling that path.