Sunday, February 22, 2015


A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.
Every horse seems to have at least three names:  the "real" one, the barn one, and that special one.  What are some of your pony's names?

This week, Beka at The Owls Approve is asking is a really fun question! I'm actually excited to do this Blog Hop, because I realized that Spud doesn't have a Show Name yet!
Barn Name:  Suzie

Registered/ Showing: Quick Little Coosa

Pet Name: Tooz (sounds like "twos"), Miss Tooz, Suz, Mare, Marepants, Suzanne (when she is in trouble), Red Mare, Pony, Pretty Girl, Miss Mare, Horse.


Barn Name: Spud

Show Name:  n/a -  I actually haven't decided yet! Suggestions? Something like "Mr Personality" or "Little Foot" or something would be ridiculously cute.

Pet Names: Spudley, Spudleykins, Spud the Stud, Pony, Studly, Pon Pon. My brother calls him "Sir" and "Mr Spud". lol.


  1. ok i'm pretty sure i'd come up with a million more names for Suzie too - esp with relation to 'Coosa' (coosey-poo, anyone??)... but love that you call her 'suzanne' when she's in trouble haha. also - i actually know a horse named littlefoot - it's a cute name!

    1. I really overuse "Toozie" for some reason, and no one understands it. :P

      And ohmygod. Littlefoot is such a cute name!!!!!

  2. Sputnik would be a cute show name for Spud. Or maybe Spudnik :).