Friday, January 23, 2015

The Midget Saddle Came Out to Play

Needless to say, riding with Danielle (Tally's owner) didn't work out today. I am going out tomorrow afternoon with another friend, as Danielle is committed to a riding clinic for the weekend.

It was pretty miserable over the course of the day, so the Hubs and I headed out to check out the land and try and get our bearings. We were pretty overwhelmed with it, to be honest, but we cut down a few trees and walked around trying to figure out where we wanted to place things like the barn, riding arena, etc. I don't think we figured much stuff out, as it is so difficult to even decide where to place things when all you see is trees!

However, I did get some well-meaning pony time in later this evening when my sister texted me asking if Calder, my nephew, could go for a pony ride. I obliged, because I was pretty excited to try out the Midget Saddle.

Although the saddle would've looked adorable on Spud with Calder riding, I knew Suzie is his favorite and with her being more broke, I pulled her out for the ride. As soon as I placed Calder on the saddle and immediately fell in love with it - despite it making Suzie look like she was a Land Whale. It places him in so securely and neither myself nor my sister had to hold onto his leg to support him or to ensure he didn't fall off. He held onto the little grab strap the entire time and was loving every minute of it. Suzie was, as always, well behaved despite not being out for the last little while. Good mare. Spud screamed his head off the entire time we were gone - charming lad he is.

He was all business up there - no smiles, no hint of enjoyment.
But he was having a good time, I swear!
And in other news, it seems as though Suzie's gastric issue has miraculously left us - nothing but formed, solid poops and a clean bottom end! I am going to be keeping her on her Beet Pulp/ Metamucil mix until Sunday and then wean her off of it and only feed Beet Pulp in the evenings. I'm glad I got the Vet involved when I did and I am glad she is also feeling better.


  1. what a relief that Suzei is feeling better. maybe it was what you thought earlier - just some weird hay... anyway that saddle is so perfect!! now i want my niece and nephew to come for pony rides lol