Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Show/Event Schedule

The most hilarious size comparison photo ever.

Following suit with other bloggers, I’ve been notorious for planning and planning and planning some more. I need to plan for the following reasons: 

a) I work way too much to not have a plan (recap: 3 weeks of 10hr shifts followed by 8 days off).
b) I do not have my own horse trailer and often have to borrow – I am not the kind of person to call and ask to borrow the night before events because I think it’s downright rude. 
c) To ensure my horse is well prepared for whatever the event may be.

But mostly, it’s because of how much I work. Gah, Construction jobs can be killer! 

I have broken it down to events that are happening within more immediate distance to me (1hr-3hrs away) and only those that will be occurring during my time off of work. I didn’t want to take anything off the list, but I don’t want to commit to anything either. If it so happens, it will. If not, no biggie. The Horse Club in the next town is great for having weekend get-togethers and interesting “fun days”, so those will be added to our list along with the horse shows I would like to attend.

Because Suzie can be a bit of a handful at events (because she thinks we are at a barrel race) and it stresses her out a bit, I think the "fun days" would be a wonderful way to incorporate some relaxation and quiet schooling in a low-stress environment. 

And Spud wants to be shown this year. He said so.

Shows are in purple.
Fun days are in blue.

May 8, 9, 10 – Spring Schooling Show
Typically, the Show breaks down to: 1st day is Dressage, 2nd day is English Flat/Jumping and 3rd day is Western. As the title states, it’ll be a schooling show so I’m not certain if Suzie or Spud will be ready for it. If not Suzie, I’d love to take Spud to do some in-hand trail and halter classes for kicks (as they do not have driving classes offered).

Clear Rounds on Cheyenne, circa 2010.
 June 13 – Clear Rounds + Percent Days
Basically a “fun day” for English riders. Clear Rounds pertains to Jumping and you accumulate points throughout the year with the club – for every clear round you get, you get so many points and it is tallied throughout the course of the year for prizes. Percent Days refers to Dressage and the short of it is, you can run through a few different Dressage tests in front of a guest judge for practice/assistance. It actually is pretty fun, as you don’t need to show up in spiffy show clothes or anything. I find it is a great way to get green horses/riders (or nervous horse/riders!) out and about without added pressure. 

June 14 – Gymkhana
Now, with Suzie’s shoulder issues I am not sure how badly I want to do a Gymkhana. However, going out and trying it just for fun wouldn’t be a completely bad thing. I like to keep things fresh and fun. Who knows, maybe I’ll even take Spud to one and they’ll let me do the games with him in hand! 

July 4 – Clear Rounds + Percent Days
This is actually on a Saturday and I’m technically working until Sunday, so we’ll see if this one happens.

Gymkhana on Cheyenne, circa 2010.
 July 5 – Gymkhana
Again, a nice low-key, fun Gymkhana might be worth it!

July 10, 11, 12 – 3 in 1 Breed Show (Smithers)
This Show has specifically been designed to accommodate registered Quarter Horses, Appaloosas, and Paints. There is an English section, Western section, and in-hand section. This particular show venue is a 3hr haul away so it may or may not be doable, depending on circumstances and how well Suzie is doing – as the class cost is quite significant compared to the more local circuits.

August 7, 8, 9 – 3 in 1 Breed Show
Again, this show is a QH, Appaloosa, Paint show only – there are sometimes an “Unreg” division. This venue is only an hour away, so it’ll be more do-able and there will be fewer competitors. I really want to compete in this one, as I had attempted to last year but I had barely ridden Suzie and was also sick.

August 20, 21, 22, 23 – BVX Fall Fair (Smithers)
This is the show I took Tally to last year. It is my goal to take Spud to show there, as they have a few different Driving classes. Like last year, I will need to request time off, but this Fall Fair is totally worth it, as I have been going every year (even if I don’t ride)!

Showing in September on Geronimo circa 2012.

September 4, 5, 6 – Fall Fair Horse Show
Last show of the year for our local circuit. Again, the 1st day is typically Dressage, 2nd day is English Flat/ Jumping and 3rd day is Western. Certainly do-able, but after a really busy weekend at the BVX it is a bit exhausting to haul out to another horse show a week later.

It does look like quite a bit, but it breaks down to 5 shows and 4 fun days. Bring it on.


  1. Sounds like a great schedule! I too am in the trailer borrowing camp and therefore that adds an extra layer of challenges to doing anything :)

    1. Ah yes, borrowing trailers is so difficult sometimes! Getting everything organized is a pain - but I am so thankful that the people I know trust me with their beloved trailers!

  2. That looks like a really fun show plan!

  3. lots of cool opportunities (and love the throwback show pics too)! i really like how much 'fun' stuff is mixed in, as imho that's kinda the whole point :) hopefully everything works out so that both ponykins can get their shots at the limelight!

    1. Totally - I love going out and riding with other people in stress-free environments and the "fun days" are SO worth going to. No pressure, just fun.

  4. You've got a lot to choose from, so even if a few don't work out you'll still have plenty to work towards and look forward to!