Monday, January 12, 2015

I Bought a Saddle!

Pre-warning: Blog title is misleading.

Despite me wanting a Dressage saddle for Suzie, that isn't what this blog post is about. It is actually to do with a little midget pony.

Although Suzie could be classified as a midget
in her own way (far right). (And fun
fact, Tally is in the photo too).
 As I am getting more serious about breaking Spud, I started looking around for deals and a possible saddle for him (because y'anno, Suzie's isn't gonna fit him). I ended up finding a pretty sound deal about a week ago and purchased a little Wintec Leadline saddle.

Picture from the seller prior to purchasing.

Another sale photo.

It came with leathers, irons, a saddle pad, and a 22" girth. Unfortunately, I haven't had the time to go try it out on Spud yet, but I'm off work in one more week, so I'll be able to play around with it then.


  1. So cool!! It's so CUTE!!!!!!! I can't wait to see it on him and I hope it fits!

    1. It will probably look super small on him, LOL. Given he is a hairy yak! I am hoping the girth fits

  2. that saddle is adorable lol - i hope spud loves it!!!

    1. I doubt Spud will love it to be honest. LOL

  3. As if Spud wasn't already adorable enough, he is now going to be cuteness overload! Can't wait to see the pics :)