Thursday, January 8, 2015

Does This Make My Butt Look Big?

I've come to the sad, sad realization that Spud's harness just doesn't really fit him. Most of the parts and straps fit just fine, but with more knowledge and reading, I'm coming to the conclusion that it just isn't going to work for long-term use.

Our dilemma:

Houston, his ass is too big.
Poor Spud.

His little apple-bottom booty is just too wide around for the breeching. The straps that run along the top of his hind-quarters have no problem reaching the sides - it is the strap that runs AROUND his ample haunches that is causing the problem (in the case of the above photo, it is running under his tail).

While the rest of the harness functions pretty well, the breeching is the brakes for the cart. It prevents the cart from slamming into him when asking him to stop/slow down. Some books have said it is OK to forgo the breeching if the road travelled isn't too bumpy/uneven and for now, we may have to stick to flat surfaces until I can get him something better.

Doesn't even come close...
The breeching over his rump doesn't even come CLOSE to where it should be, which makes me want to inwardly cry. I could make a simple fix to it, though. If I were to detatch the breeching that runs over his haunches and move it up farther on the strap, it would fit. I may have to just MacGuyver it until I can buy him a new harness.

But since I've discovered the faults of the current harness, I've been shopping.

And shopping leads to:

Hubba hubba harness!

Let me introduce you to the Comfy Fit Harness - aka, the best thing since sliced bread. Commence the drooling now!

It is purely custom - right down to the bridle and breastplates! The saddle actually has a TREE (my current one does not), has a neck strap with weight distribution, breeching has two straps for weight distribution, you can choose from several different styles of breastplates which are all anatomical, and you can even customize the reins in different colors! What is not to love?!

It runs about $750 or so, which isn't too terribly expensive for a NICE harness. Of course, I'll need to save up for one and get Spud's measurements and whatnot to ensure it is custom made and tailored to his true size. For now, jimmy-rigging his current harness will be alright. However, by the Spring I have a feeling a new Comfy Fit will be sitting in my tack room!

My fingers are just itching to get my hands on one - but I also want to wait until Spud sheds some of his hair before I measure him.


  1. Replies
    1. I've heard a lot of really good things about them so far!

  2. oooh nice!!! i'm all about the diy jimmy-rigging too... but there comes a limit when ya just gotta get something that honest-to-goodness works lol. happy harness shopping!!! :)

    1. There are certain lengths I'll go to jimmy-rig something, but if it can't be made safe, I just won't do it!

      Happy Saddle Shopping to you :)

  3. I've been browsing harnesses more and more myself, and they are so pretty. But then I'm like, why don't we get a cart that fits first, since Bobby's harness fits, it's just old and ugly.


    1. OH. Bobby would look DIVINE in a nice, wooden cart. Pleaseeee buy one!?

  4. I know nothing about harnesses, just had to say one more time he's the cutest pony EVER :)

  5. I don't know anything about harnesses either but he is just adorable!

  6. He's so adorable!! I'm sorry it doesn't fit. A new harness is exciting though! Really smart waiting until he sheds to measure him. I think their hair adds three inches lol.

    1. Tell me about it! LOL.
      He looks pretty fat, but I think a lot of it is just fluff.