Thursday, January 15, 2015

Bridle Conundrum... Or: Tack Ho's, Come Hither!

Much smoochable <3
I need some help. There are no tack stores around me, so when I purchase tack I exclusively do so online. Sometimes it's such a crapshoot because I must admit I actually don't know what type of English bridle would compliment Suzie best in the terms of Dressage-ness. I do have a bridle that works well enough to be a Hunter/Jumping bridle and I like it. But if I could figure out what shapes would compliment her face, I could potentially find a new bridle [as if she really needs a new one]!

So, I figured I would take it to the masses and ask for any professional and knowledgeable opinions!

My only preferences are that:

-  Affordable (at or under $150 please)
-  Black or Brown (if brown, must be able to match the Wintec CC... I am looking to purchase a black Dressage saddle down the road this year, FYI.)
- Monocrown/comfort crown
- NO white padding
- With reins

For reference, here's her mug:

This bridle has since been dyed dark
brown to match her saddle

The bridle I bought to match the Wintec CC.

So many choices! Do I go with a flatter noseband?

A wider noseband?

A swoopy browband?

Buckles or billets?

I cry whenever I see PS of Sweden posted.
I want one. So. Badly.

Good god, look at me. Buying English things for a Western pony.


  1. I'm not a good person to ask, I'd just eat Ramen for a month and buy the PS. Because bridles are more important than eating.

    1. Ha!
      Fair enough!

      I would love a PS of Sweden, but I don't know which one would compliment her face the best. I am really digging their "Jump Off Revolution" bridle, though.

  2. I really like SmartPak's house brand of bridles for the price.

    1. Does SmartPak ship to Canada? I've been told that they don't.
      They certainly have some nice bridles - but again, I'm not sure what type of bridle would compliment her face well enough.

  3. She has a really pretty face! I'm boring and go for the simple look with my two. Greenhawk's mondega line is decent if you wait for a sale - I have the plain hunter bridle and I think it would match the brown wintec cc nicely. Skyline equine is also more local and made a dressage bridle for me that I quite like for the price. My choices aren't super trendy though :)

    1. Fair enough! haha. I'm dying for a PS of Sweden and although I can find bridles I like, I still look longingly at them....

  4. lol i'm the last person to ask bc my bridle is a monstrosity of various parts stitched together... tho she'd probably look adorable in a PS! she's got a pretty face tho - would probably be accentuated by some fancy stitching or embellishments??

    1. Enabler!!!!!!
      Ha ha ha!
      And I can understand why you'd have to have a bridle of different variety - it seems like Isabel would be the kind of horse who needs different sizes to fit her face properly.

  5. I think SmartPak bridles are really nice for the money and I've yet to see a horse they didn't look smashing on!