Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Where Would You Be?

 A few posts have been floating around the blogosphere about what/who we really are without horses in our lives. It is something that "hits home", relatively speaking, for some of us equestrians who are struggling with cases of "Winter woes", horse/rider conflict, rider/barn conflict, financial troubles, and the list goes on.

 The topic was firstly posted about by Equestrian at Hart, and more recently Pony'Tude elaborated on her own point of view.

After reading both posts, I find myself unable to come up with who I really am without horses or where I would be without them in my life. Certainly, I'd have more cash in my pocket and less leather goods littered about the house, but would I still be happy? The short answer is no. I'm sure I could live without horses in my life, but not forever, and not entirely.

If I didn't have horses in my life, I wouldn't have to worry about a long list of things.

  • Feeding twice a day
  • Deicing water tubs
  • Poop scooping
  • Deworming (and expensive vet bills)
  • Pre-show nerves
  • Pieces of hay in my bra
  • Expensive clinics
  • Broken fence rails
  • Horse snot in my hair
  • Etc.
Ah, it would be sweet bliss to sleep in on a stormy Winter day and not have to drive through a miserable snow-storm just to feed and freeze my fingers off adjusting blankets.

But, if I didn't have horses in my life I wouldn't be able to have a partnership built primarily on silence, friendship, and dedication. I would miss out on so much...


  • Hard-earned placing in a difficult class
  • Learning the value of patience and persistance
  • Learning how to MacGuyver a fence back together with bailing twine
  • Value of hard-work and dedication
  • Horse kisses
  • The human friends that come along with the sport
  • Progress and becoming a team
  • The feeling of unbridled freedom and absolute trust
  • The ability to forget all of the days drama once you see your horse

All the negatives suddenly become a moot point, and I do it because I love it and because this sport isn't just about riding. It's about developing yourself as a person and becoming shaped and molded into a well-rounded individual.

Horses have taught me many things, and most of it isn't about riding.


  1. I completely agree - horses have taught me so much and have influenced who I am today.

    1. I think I'd be lost without them in my life. If it came down to selling Suzie and Spud [which won't happen come hell or high water!], sure I could do it, but I'd still fight to have horses in my life somehow.

  2. great post. having horses in my life is like a (nearly) one-stop-shop for fulfillment - some assembly required :)

    1. LOVE.

      Replacement parts available through Ikea? LOL

  3. I can't imagine life without my horses, hubby doesn't get it but most none horse people do... I am sure I would live but like you said i wouldn't be happy or as happy as I am :)

    1. My boyfriend "kind of" gets it. He knows I'm crazy and that's about all he needs to know for my horse obsession :P