Sunday, December 28, 2014

We Kinda Have Brakes, Steering and Badassery!

 I decided to take Spud out in the cart today again and worked more on putting his harness on correctly annnnnd, guess what The breeching doesn't fit. Awesome. My little apple-bottom booty'ed mini has too big of a tushy for the breeching that came with the cart. Unfortunately, this means I will really need to get myself a harness that really fits - that Comfy Fit harness might just get ordered much, much sooner.

I wanted to work on a multitude of things with him, so I split up the training session in a few different exercises where I concentrated on certain things. I wanted to work on:

  • Pace. Finding a consistant, quiet, and ground-covering pace. When asked to trot off he likes to lurch forwards and takes a few trot paces to settle down into himself.
  • Down transitions and brakes. I found that he bluges out to the left or right when I ask for a transition and it is almost like he wiggles through it.

  • Straightness. He likes to drift a bit, and I think that has a lot to do with being green, so I wanted to work on walking straight ahead.

As a bonus, I brought out the driving whip I had bought and used it to direct him and oh my god, why is it so hard to hold reins and a whip at the same time?! Spud did pretty good with it and we had some really nice moments, especially during a point where we were trotting along and I had him weaving back and forth across the road (practicing our streering). SUPER pleased with him. We did a lot of transitons halt-walk, walk-trot-walk, and he did get impatient in some spots, but he did get better as the ride went on. We also worked on turning on the haunches in the cart and he got sticky and confused again, so I didn't really press it.

He'll be a badass driving pony soon enough.
Overall, it was a very successful drive and although we still had some arguements, it was probably one of the better drives I've had out of him. I still have to remember that he is green, young, and inexperienced, but more than that, I have to realize that driving a horse is JUST as hard as riding one! I find that I "stop driving" because I'm more apt to sit back and relax rather than constantly support him and "ride" him.

On the Suzie front, she must be feeling much, much better because she did a beautiful extended trot around the pen when Spud and I got back and it was completely sound. What the heck?! I'm assuming that she must've tweaked something the day before and was just sore or had a sprain of some kind. I did pick out her hooves this morning to check for embedded rocks/abcesses and there was nothing. Still no heat and still no lumps, bumps or anything. I swear, she'll be the death of me!


  1. I'm glad Suzie is feeling better! Your pony is so adorable! I soooo bad want a mini and cart to drive. Looks like so much fun. :D Hang in there. He will get it sorted out.

    1. I'm glad she is too! Stinker mare.

      Yes - the thing with green horses is that it takes so much time!! He's only five, so we have many years ahead of us!

  2. i just love the view of Spud's 'apple bottom booty' from the cart lol. glad Suzie is doing better too... mares, i swear....

    1. He has such a cute little apple bottom. :P

      And yes... especially those red-headed mares!!