Friday, December 5, 2014

Product Review - Jeffers "Hoot" Expressions Blanket

Back in November I had purchased a Winter Blanket for Suzie because I wanted something that had a bit less fill than her current blanket, as well as having an extra blanket on hand to switch out if necessary. I don't normally do reviews, but I know a few friends who had their eyes on this blanket and wanted to know what it was like. I'll try and break it down and be as precise as possible, despite not having "up close and personal" photos of the blanket.

I ordered the "Hoot" version of the Expressions Blanket in a Medium Weight (240g fill) with a ripstop denier of 600. I selected a size 72, as Suzie's rainsheet and other winter blanket are both that size (the winter one actually has the option to be sized up/down in the chest area).

It fits her decently, but there is still a lot of wiggle room - the chest buckles are done up onto the last hole and she still has quite a bit of room. She constantly has a side-lopped blanket whenever I go out and I have to keep fixing it. I'm sure this is quite common in different brands of blankets, as like with different brands of jeans/breeches.

To break it down into simple cliff notes, I've compiled a list of likes/dislikes for this blanket. Hope they help those who are looking to purchase this one!

Some things I love about this blanket:
  • Affordability - I paid $75 for it.
  • Higher neck set than most blankets. While it is not a "high neck" blanket, it does cover higher than the top of her withers, which is nice. And it also has a little fleece piece to prevent rubs.
  • It keeps her WARM and dry (although it has not rained since she's had this blanket on, it has snowed and it is very, very waterproof!).
  • Clips and straps are easy to maneuver for sizing purposes and they do not seem flimsy/breakable. Mine have held up just fine and Suz has been wearing this blanket 24/7 for the last two weeks (although I will divulge into what I dislike in a moment).
  • Visibility - as previously mentioned, I LOVE the crazy color scheme it came with. Part of the reason I bought this was that if she ever (heaven forbid!) got out or was downed somewhere, she'd be very easy to spot and locate. Her other navy blanket helped her "disappear" in the darkness of the cold winter nights.
  • Belly straps can be disconnected from both sides. This is really helpful if one of them breaks/frays. And the belly straps also have a little fold of fabric over them to prevent them from accidentally dislodging/freezing full of snow.

What I dislike (and to be fair, most of it is personal preference):

Much prefer these snaps and the fact that the chest area can
be twice as snug, if necessary.
  • The front closures. I HATE the buckle closures. I much prefer the snaps, like her navy blanket has for ease of use.
  • So much wiggle room! I can fit a fist and a half in the chest section because it isn't very snug. Although, it does appear to fit her from chest to tail. It seems like the fit isn't that great and I cannot snug the chest region up anymore, as it is as far as it'll go.

In conclusion, it's a good blanket. There are some improvements that would make it even better, but for the cost it is a pretty good deal. I didn't expect a $400 Rambo blanket, but the "off" chest fitting is a bit annoying. Thankfully, my mare and mini are easy on blankets (thus far) and I have not experienced rips, tears, or damage. If you need an extra blanket for your horse but don't want to spend an arm and a leg, this blanket would be a good buy.

Suzie from lastnight, pigging out.


  1. never thought of visibility at night time - but it makes perfect sense. glad you (mostly) like the blanket!

    1. :)
      It is a pretty cute blanket and on the plus side, it matches her halter!

  2. omg i know someone who needs that blanket.

  3. You could say it's the worst blanket ever and I would still want it because the print is sooooo cute!

    1. I agree with you there! Mr. Bobby would look SO CUTE in it!