Thursday, December 18, 2014

Product Review: Hamer & Clay Ornaments

I have been so excited to do this review, namely because I have been longing for some personalized ornaments for quite some time! I find Christmas shopping difficult because I like getting gifts that people will actually use/keep for a long time - trinkets and little gifts that have no particular use aren't my favorite to receive and I try to steer away from them for those I am purchasing for.

Enter Hamer & Clay.

Based in Alberta, BC the owner and operator, Kelsey started up her business in 2011. Her studio offers custom and personalized horse [her specialty!] and pet ornaments. The ornaments range from $15-25 and are made from polymer clay. Kelsey is a one-woman-show; molding and shaping each and every detail, matching specific markings, expressions, etc. Adding to the "custom" options, customers can choose a wide variety of small adornments to add (bows, wreaths, etc). Kelsey is a self-admitted tack-aholic and is meticulous in her details - just take a peek at these super awesome customs!

A three day eventer with a dash of sparkles!

A Reiner coming to a sliding stop - complete with dust flying!

Dressage customs - look at that detail!

I ended up ordering seven ornaments - Kelsey was easy to deal with and was polite to my indecisiveness as I hemmed and hawed over what embellishments I wanted added. As a side note, she does get a lot of orders and I would highly recommend ordering sooner rather than later - Kelsey does her best to ensure customer satisfaction and to ensure the orders arrive prior to Christmas, but we are all human and it would immensely help her out.

One of Tally for her owner.


I sent her a multitude of photos of each subject, as well as a brief description of things I wanted added and shipping was timely - they arrived within 2-3 days. All of the ornaments came packaged in bubble wrap and some cute tissue paper, all in a beautiful little box with blue bows tied on the top - I didn't even have to wrap them with Christmas paper! Winning! I found that the pictures on the website certainly do not do these ornaments justice - they are simply beautiful and have massive amounts of detail.

 I have just posted a few of the ornaments I bought, but I encourage you to check our her Facebook page - she's done a few Moose, Cows, etc and is expanding her horizons!


  1. Heh heh heh I bought A LOT of ornaments from her this year. I didn't want to talk about it yet because most were christmas presents and I didn't want to ruin the surprise. But she does fantastic work... I have a Small Business Spotlight feature in the works after Xmas!

    1. Oh good!!! I wanted to really spread the word for her and get her more customers - she is very talented! I cannot wait to see your Spotlight feature; notify me once it's up and I'll link it here :)

  2. These are AMAZING. I am going to have to order some of my clan over the summer when she's less busy, so I can enjoy them next year :)

    1. They are SO detailed. And to be honest, the photos really don't do them justice.

    2. Agreed, they look way better in person.

  3. these are great! love the sparkly eventer and roxy!

  4. Those are beautiful! I am totally earmarking these for next year!!