Sunday, December 7, 2014

EJ Bloghop: What will you NOT do?

Spud's wears a foal blanket because he's so leetle.
 I think it is great we have people generating their own bloghops now! We are beginning to cover a lot of really good, thought-provoking topics. Thank you to Equestrian Journey for posting a really interesting (and somewhat difficult) topic to cover. It is certainly one of those questions that makes you go, "Hmmmm, I've never really thought about that before."

"We love sharing what we do with our horses, but what will you NOT do?"
I've compiled a pretty simple, straight-forward list of some of the things I certainly will NOT budge on. Feel free to add your thoughts or ideas in the comments - I'd love to hear them!

Suzie says, "She LIKES humiliating me!"

Without further ado, here is the list of things I won't do:
  •  Teach my horse's how to rear/strike - it is just plain dangerous.
  •  Buy a horse who is a compulsive rearer/bucker, etc or ride an unbroke horse. I don't need to deal with falling off/being afraid and I certainly don't need to be a horse's first rider!
  • Keep my horse in a stall without a run-out attached or turn out during the day. My horses are only boxed if there is a medical reason.
  • Keep my horses in barbed wire.
  • Punish a misbehaving horse by withholding necessities (food, water, shelter, etc).
  •  Use chain/wire or gag bits, draw reins, or tie-downs. I'm not a fan of gimmicks, nor do I feel comfortable using any of these items.
  • Raise a foal from birth. Too much work, effort and tears.

Best buddies for life.


  1. Great list!! I so agree on the withholding thing. It pisses me off when I hear someone say they tied their horse to a tree all day without food or water... that's abuse in my opinion and doesn't teach the horse a thing! I'm all for tying a horse to teach patience, but I would never keep them tied all day or deprive them of basic necessities! Thank you for joining!

  2. nice! i definitely strongly prefer as much turnout as possible! having never had my own horse to board somewhere, tho - it's not a decision i've had to make yet.

    1. Same - it's better to have horses stay in motion than stand still!

  3. Great list, I definitely agree with all of those!