Sunday, December 21, 2014

December's 10 Questions + Pic Spam

Thank you once again to Viva Carlos for yet another installment of "10 Questions". Without these regular blog hops and questions, I'd have literally no content.

Geronimo, 15.3h gelding.
    What size horse do you prefer to ride?
    I prefer horses that are about/around 15 hands. Most of the time I make most horses look like giants because I am pretty much a midget. In fact, most of the pictures in this post will be about me looking like a midget on various horses. Enjoy!

    Tally, 16.2h mare.
     Do you school in tall boots or half chaps and paddock boots?
    Half chaps and paddock boots - much comfier to walk around in afterwards.

    Cheyenne. 15.2h gelding.

    What do you do with your ribbons after shows?
    They get hung up in the house for a couple of weeks right after the show and then they get put away and forgot about. I really should start writing down classes/ horse name, etc on the backs of them.

    Roxie, 16.2h mare.

    Do you ride/board at a large show barn or a small private barn?
    I have a small, privately owned barn all to myself. Just my two horses are there and I maintain everything.

    Czar, 15.2h gelding.

    Have you ever seen a horse give birth?No - I have seen a foal right after birth, though. (ie. Mother licking them off, standing for the first time, etc).

    Havana, 16h mare.

    What is your favorite breed?
    I don't really have a favorite breed - if it is sane and we mesh well together, I'm cool with that. I do love my Quarter Horses, though.

    Bubba, 17h gelding.

    Favorite tack brand?Nothing particular.

    Lacey, 15.2h mare.

    Would you ever buy used tack?
    Both of my saddles have been pre-owned.

    Stormy, 16h+ gelding.
    Please excuse my grubbiness, LOL. I had no "riding" clothes with me.

    Ever been on a carriage ride?
    Yes, back when I was quite young. I have my own driving miniature now.

    Suzie, 15h mare.

    How often do you go to the tack store?
    No often because we do not have one near our town. I mostly order online.


    1. I'm so envious of your diving mini! :D I want one!! What breed is Czar? He's gorgeous! I love all of your pictures. You have soooo many of you riding. :)

      1. Thank you :)
        I am actually not sure what breed Czar was... I believe some kind of TBx.

    2. I really want to learn to drive :D

    3. lol these pics are great. also - i kinda love those pyramid-ish jump standards... never seen any like that before...

      1. Really?! They are pretty common around here - they are plastic so they don't succumb to the elements here in rainy BC!