Monday, December 29, 2014

A Look Back at 2014

Starting off 2014, January was pretty boring, considering the lack of daylight left once I got off of work, but I did blog about my dog and how awesome he is, and that was literally about it.

Speeding onward into February, it was still cold as all hell, but I did manage to sneak in a ride. I basically loved on, groomed, and spent time with my mare since the ground was stiff, hard, and uninviting. I ended my blogging for February with remembering an old friend.

March brought more riding, which was wholesomely welcomed, until Mother Nature decided to dump a gigantic amount of snow on us. We were entered into a Reining clinic, but it was cancelled last minute due to lack of entrants. I started hand-walking more and more, which morphed into practicing a lot of Showmanship. Mid-March had Suzie and I celebrating our One Year Anniversary - with many more to come! I also dabbled into some questionnaires and debated about where to board my lovely mare.

In April I gave Ms. Mare a bath because she was filthy and disgusting, and my sister's dog sadly passed away. We improved some of our showmanship. I trail rode a very hot, very reactive mess to my house, and made some future goals to track our progress. We got a lot of riding done and before I went back to work, Suzie got adjusted and re-shod. Suzie also got her teeth done and I found out just how bad they were considering she had to be on antibiotics which she fought tooth and nail about.

Early May I made the announcement I was moving Suzie to a new barn. She settled in just fine and we had a wonderful trail ride to the outdoor arena where myself and a friend rode. I also admitted some shame when I found out about using a curb strap with her bit. I participated in some blog hops, Transformation Tuesdays, and recounted memories of Geronimo. During this time, Suzie started to cause undue stress [mostly to me!] because she was not drinking nearly enough, had awful rain rot, and was lame. Continuing the theme of stressing me out, Suzie broke out of her pasture a few times and feasted on some delicious grass in the back pasture which still needed to be re-fenced. We fixed fences and I had a photoshoot in my poofy grad dress with a good friend. Towards the end of the month I blogged about Suzie's resistance and how she rode comparatively to last year.

Blogging became more frequent in June when I dropped a bombshell that I was going to be leasing a friend's mare, Tally. Suzie babysat my SO on a brief trail ride. Tally arrived a few days later and I recounted her first week. In riding more with the SO, I realized that him and Suzie weren't going to be a match and progress was made with both mares riding-wise. I participated in more blog hops, questionnaires and posted a lot of pretty pictures. I posted about how I need lessons after watching a particularly bad video of me riding Tally. I also tried, and failed, to start my own blog hop. I rode both mares back to back and loved every minute of it.

July 1st I took Suzie to the Canada Day Parade and I jumped Tally super high [wow!!]. I took Suzie and Tally to a Schooling Show that I had managed and planned, which was a bit of a disaster, but eye-opening as all horse shows are. I went AWOL for a bit but resumed normal posting about my horse's butt. I began to find out about Tally's slightly bi-polar side when being unridden and complained about showing and the heat. Things continually got better with Tally and I enjoyed riding her more and more. Before heading into August, I blogged about my way of developing rhythmic and swinging gaits and had my first lesson in two years.

In August, I recapped my week off with the ponies; riding, lunging, having Suzie pull me in a tykes wagon... I started to become interested in getting a driving mini, because minis are adorable. I blogged about how thankful I am that Suzie is kid safe and essentially bomb-proof. Tally and I headed out to compete in one of the biggest shows I've ever been to and we had a lot of learning lessons, a few ribbons, and a lot of smiles. The wheels of horsey showing never stopped motion and I planned out a hectic week complete with a clinic and a show.

Welcoming September I took my mare to our first clinic together and trail rode both mares quite a bit. I took Tally to the English portion of showing on the Saturday and we didn't place in any classes. I showed Suzie in the Western portion of the show on Sunday and placed Grand Champion in Halter and First in Showmanship. Our flat classes left much to be desired, as Suzie somewhat reverted back to her "drill team" days. I posted about buying Spud, a miniature horse, sight unseen and shared the miniscule progress Tally and I were having, as well as Spud with his driving trainer. Tally and I had a fun jumping night with a few friends and we hacked home in the darkness. At the end of September I felt the need to share more about Spud's training progress, despite the "non traditional" way of it being done.

October was particularly exciting because I met and drove, Spud for the very first time. After returning back home, both Tally and Suzie had their teeth floated (Suzie for the second time this year). I posted about the back-lash I received on behalf of Spud and his training and how sometimes well meaning people really aren't well meaning. The lease on Tally ended and I said goodbye and thanked her for giving me a great year of showing and keeping me safe in the show-ring. With more excitement, I bought a new truck and the SO and I signed on the dotted line for five acres of land! It rained, rained and rained some more and Suzie became bored and turned into an overnight cribber. I also posted a lot of cute pictures.

November brought my want for a new Dressage saddle and I asked my readers what saddle they rode in. I blogged a bit about my dogs, walking, and on Spud's training progress again. I posted about the four year anniversary of Cheyenne's death and what it means to me. In an attempt to become positive after the last sad post, I started up "Building The Dream" blog series about our five acres of land. I celebrated my birthday and rode Suzie in the pitch black. I blogged about owning an old horse and how it is not an inconvenience. The countdown until Spud came home started and I posted a shitload of photos for a 1.5year time lapse of Suzie. The SO and I headed out towards the end of November and brought Spud home. After meeting Suzie and settling in comfortably for a whole evening, I took Spud out for his first drive at home and rode Suzie in her obnoxious blanket and halter.

I started off December by largely participating in blog hops and elaborating on topics posed by other bloggers. I reviewed the Jeffers Expressions blanket and drive Spud a few times. Mid-December brings some interesting highlights into Suzie's earlier years as I track down her original breeder and find out a bit more about her past. I go slightly silent during the Christmas-season, but redeem myself with more Spud driving blog posts and pictures of the horse's wearing bows.

An entire year of blogging down and I am looking forward to 2015. More memories to be made, and more life lessons to be learnt. I cannot wait. Bring it on, 2015.


  1. awesome recap!! i started following right around when Tally went home, so this really helps add a lot of context. sounds like it was a big year for you in a lot of different ways!! :)

    1. It sure was a busy year :)
      And I cannot wait to read more adventures of you and Isabel!

  2. A great review!! I'm glad you had an awesome 2014. I LOVE Spud! He is so cute. :D You're going to have so much fun with him and I'll have to live vicariously through you because I want one sooooo bad!

    1. Oh I forgot to ask, in one of your old posts you said you had a video of Spud and Suzie galloping around and bucking. Did you ever post that? I can't find your Youtube channel.

    2. haha! Live on through me as much as you want!!
      And oh my god, I didn't!!! I tried and tried to upload it to YT and it kept cancelling on me, so I will do that and post it just for you :)