Friday, October 3, 2014

September Recap/ October Goals

S u z i e

September Recap, Suzie:  

  • Horse Show - whether it be the September show or October show. I want to show this mare before the end of the season. We showed, survived AND even got a few first places!! :) I call that a big, fat success.
  • Lessons - I want at least ONE lesson before the end of the season on her. I haven't had one [lesson] since I've owned her. I had two lessons on her! Both were just totally awesome too!
  • Trail ride - at least one good, long trail ride on my wonderful mare. Yup. We went on several long trail rides!
  • Soundness - keep her up to snuff and don't let her just waste away like she did this Summer. RIDE her. She gets worse when she sits idle and that isn't fair to her. Soundness-wise, she is doing great!

October Goals, New:  
  • Relax - the season is pretty much over. Keep her weight up to snuff. Trail ride if possible...

    T a l l y

 September Recap, Tally: 
  • Show in the September and October show with Tally. In addition to showing, aim for a 1st or 2nd place ribbon. I've never won a 1st place ribbon before, so that would be icing on the cake!! While I did not win a first place ribbon with her, I did with Suzie, and I did show Tally in September!
  • Work on SLOOWWWWW. Make things boring and have her really listening to my aids - especially the down transitions. Yes! We didn't work so much on this as I anticipated, but we did work on it.
  •  Trail ride with the SO before she leaves. Kind of. I took friends riding, but not SO.
  •  Don't be worried about her taking the back seat to Suzie - Suz is my main priority. I'd say I did this pretty well!

October Goals, New:  
  • Take Tally back home.


  1. Got a whole bunch knocked out! Woo hoo

  2. I had fun crossing them out! "Oooo I got another one!" :D