Friday, October 24, 2014

Octobers 10 Questions

Thanks to L over at Viva Carlos for the "blog hop" of sorts!

1. How many pairs of breeches/jods do you own?
Right now? Only 3. It makes me sad.

2. How many horses have you ridden?
Oh my… probably A LOT, but let’s count all the horses I can remember?

                 °           The Quarter Horses/ QH Crosses 
and Paints: Annie, Mac, Suzie, Pal, Cobra, 
Flash, Monroe, Pippa, Cheyenne, Beauty, 
Myriah, Sunnyboy,
          °           The Arab/ Arab Crosses/ Anglo 
Arabs: Amythst, Flicka, Jazzy, Oliver, Paloma,  
Zephie, Stormy, Smokey

                  °           The Warmblood (X)/ TB (X): Czar, 
AJ, Geronimo, Havana, Bubba, Tally, Lacey, 
Sinclair, Diamond, Peppy, Roxie

                  °           Gaited Horses and Standardbreds: 
DJ, Bumper, Goldie 

                   °           Ponies: Lightning
Total, as of now is 35.

3. How many trainers have you had?
I’m assuming this does not mean clinicians? If not, I’ve only had one trainer throughout
my entire career riding. Otherwise, I’ve taken clinics with quite a few different people, all 
specializing in different aspects of riding. At the moment, my “Old Trainer” doesn’t teach anymore,
so I just take clinics.

4. How many barns have you ridden at?
I’ve ridden at a few for clinics and stayed overnight at some, but I do not board at a boarding barn 
(mine is private).

5. What is the name of the horse you consider yourself to have the greatest bond with? 
Cheyenne and Suzie. 

6. What is your favorite show name you've 
ever encountered?
 I always liked Mac’s show name “Mita Mac Too”. It just rolls off the tongue nicely. Suzie’s is pretty
neat too “Quick Little Coosa”.

7. What do you consider your greatest weakness or flaw in riding?
Getting frustrated/defeated easily.

8. What do you consider to be your greatest strength?
That the horses I ride are very forgiving? LOL.

9. Have you ever leased a horse?
Yes, quite a few. 

10. What is the name of the first horse you rode?
 Oh wow… I’m not even sure. But the earliest I can remember [pony riding] was a big grey gelding
named Runaway.

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  1. ooh i like 'Mita Mac Too' too lol, and i definitely hear ya about the struggle with frustration...