Thursday, October 9, 2014

B&BS Blog Hop: Quirky Horse

 Hooray for blog hops, because otherwise I'd have nothing to blog about!

Thank you to Breeches and Boat Shoes for this fabulous hop and an interesting topic! I hope to participate in more of these in the near future.

What are some quirks, naughty or nice, that your horse has and do you love or hate them?

  • Suzie is naturally impatient and when asked to halt when she clearly has no interest, she likes turn her head and touch my boot. It's been a "thing" since I've owned her. It's hard to get mad at her for it, because she looks so dang cute.
  • She likes to paw, but only does it when she is really upset or antsy. Upset as in, her friends are all gone and she's the only one left tied to the trailer. Antsy, as in, "I know you're making me food, bring it NOW human!
In this particular photo, I caught her WINKING at me.
  • Sometimes she'll walk away from me when I go out to catch her, but if I jog up beside her she gives up and lets me halter her. She thinks her fast "shuffle walk" is sufficient enough to leave me behind in the dust.