Thursday, September 18, 2014

Exciting News!

What a lovely mare.

*Note: If you are only reading for the exciting news, see the bottom paragraphs :)

I haven't been riding the mares much due to the fact it gets darker so much earlier now (and it's only September!) and coupled with the fact that the home renos are still undergoing and are taking up a lot of our extra time.

Today was supposed to be "Operation: Ride Mares" but it appears as though our Autumn monsoon season is upon us and it has been on and off pouring rain all day long with no promises to stop until Sunday. Really keeping my fingers crossed it levels off by the time work ends and I can get a ride in on Tally at the very least.

This weekend I've decided to host a fun little jumping event and a few people from the next town over (who I showed with at the last show I attended) are going to be coming, as well as M who was giving me lessons on Tally. It'll be fun, Tally's owner is going to be coming with some of her other horses as well. And, I figure it's an awesome way to have extra help with moving jumps around instead of doing it by yourself!

Now, for the exciting news....


Meet, Spud, the newest member of the family. He is such a cute, calm and mellow looking little dude! Now, here is the slight catch in all of this, but first let's go through all the fun stuff.

He is only five years old, has been saddled and slightly backed (needs more miles) and he has been ground-driven to death mostly because the woman who owned him doesn't have a cart to fit him. And get this, his name is Spud because he is small... like the potato. I laughed so hard when I heard that. Everything I've seen of him screams "mellow" and "quiet" and he just seems like such a cool cucumber.

Now, the catch? I haven't actually met him .... but he is mine on paper as of today.

He was being stood up weird, and he's a bit fat, but he's soooo cute.
I realize this goes against the whole grain of purchasing horses and that buyers are supposed to go meet their prospective partners - preferably multiple times - but it just wasn't feasible. Spud is nearly 16hrs away and I just don't have the time or ability to go to just "check him out". The seller has been nothing but honest with me and although I am slightly anxious about the entire process, both the seller and the trainer I am sending him to have been nothing short of amazing and helpful in this entire process. I feel overwhelmed, but comfortable.

So when is he coming home you ask? He is being dropped off at the driving trainers barn this afternoon and will have a months training done and then he will be coming home, provided he is doing well in his training. The SO and I are heading down to that area (kind of) in a week and a half and will drive an extra 5hrs to finally meet Spud and the trainer and see what kind of progress he's made.

I get the amount of flack I can get for this. I didn't do a PPE on him. I didn't go meet him. But sometimes, you just have to trust your instincts... I certainly am not going to hide anything from my readers or pretend I went down a certain avenue when I didn't. I am an open book and honest. And if this entire thing blows up in my face, you all can say "I told you so"!

However, for now I am so excited to buy a mini halter. Let the girlish squealing ensue!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you!! And thanks for not being a reader that will bite my head off. LOL

  2. Aw yay, congratulations!! Love my mini's!
    PS: When we got Shalom, we had never met him. And we had only known Spirit for 10 minutes before buying him, hahaha! Oh well!

    1. Ha ha ha - we are twinsies for buying horses "against the grain"! LOL

      I do have faith in this trainer, but it is SO hard already knowing I own him and he's 16 hours away and I can't take care of him. It sounds really funny, but now that I've done self-care for a while I don't think I could handle letting a boarding barn taking over my horses!! I just... I like to be the one to feed them, water them, etc etc because then I KNOW they got fed and I KNOW they got the right amount, etc. Although, I do trust this trainer, I still have a multitude of anxiety! I'll be counting down the days until I can finally meet him.

    2. I 100% know that feel. Having Shalom home now and being reminded of how it feels to feed/muck out stalls and etc feels, it makes me so eager to have my other boys home so I can do everything for them. I trust my barn manager 110% but once they are *yours* it just makes sense to want to take care of them!

      I actually told my mother yesterday that it feels like my horse isn't even my horse when I board...just like I'm taking lessons on him or half-leasing him. It's hard!