Wednesday, July 2, 2014

June Goal Recap/ July Goals

So last month I was late to putting in any kind of goals. Some of them may not be able to be crossed off (yet!) and will be carried on into July goals, as I didn't have much time to actually get down to business!

 June Recap, Suzie:
  • Work on a more softened response to the bridle. - Kind of a fail.... She is better, but far from where I would like her to be.

  • Extend and collect all the gaits! - Big, fat nope for this month! Boo!

  • Ride one handed! - I did it! And survived!! (Blog post to follow)

  • Prepare for a schooling show the first week of July! - Success! Show clothes are in, just have to make sure they fit OK and shine up the tack.
  • Keep listening to Suzie's abilitie.- Suzanne was off for about a week to just recuperate a bit.
July Goals, New:

  • Participate in the July show and have a positive experience! Remember, it is JUST a fun show and mistakes are OK.
  • Work with new split reins and ride one handed more.
  • Work on using JUST legs/seat to cue Suzie and don't rely on neck-reining/direct reining to turn.
  • Maintain her weight and muscle her up! Trail riding!!!
  • Take LOTS of pictures.

June Recap, Tally:

  • Continue to hack out and expose her to the "new" areas. - Kind of a success! Every time we go to ride in the arena, it's a 20min trail ride to get there. I'd like to do more trail riding with her though.
  • Work on more consistency at the gaits. - MUCH better! Still unbalanced, but GOOD.
  •  Put in a GOOD Dressage school once or twice a week.  - Was only able to do 1x a week and she was STELLAR!
  • Begin jumping schooling.  - GIANT success! (Blog post to follow!) She was a total BEAST mare and just ate up the jumps!
  • Prepare for the schooling show at the beginning of July. - We are as ready as we'll ever be. She is still unbalanced, rushy, etc, but this is a fun show and it will be good for exposure.
July Goals, New: 

  • Trail riding! Good for muscling, endurance and stamina! This mare loves trail riding, according to her owner, so it'd be a great endurance-builder!
  • Attend the July schooling show and do a jump course, and try not to lose my marbles!
  • Work on developing that canter a bit more! 
  • Attempt to ride with spurs to get "more" from her.

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