Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Heat, Butt Injuries, Leg Problems and Mo-hawks.

Ever since the Horse Show on the 6th it has been excruciatingly hot outside. Like, we're talking 32C (that's 90F for you American folk!) So, it's been wayyyy too hot to ride, or do much of anything other than short trail rides and cooling the pon-pons off. Now that I am back to work, I don't have the option to ride in the morning when it is cool, and when I get off at 5:30, it is still way too hot to ride. So, the ponies are just cute pasture ornaments for the time being - I want to get some good schooling in, and it's difficult when the only time it starts to cool off is at 9:30pm. Darn these early morning wake-ups!

The temperature is supposed to start tapering off by tomorrow, so hopefully we can start to get some real riding in. Tonight I am hoping for some Showmanship practice with Suzanne and some lunging for Tally - but we will see where we sit. As of right now it is 23C (73F) and it's only noon... however, 23C is much more manageable than 32C!

I've been playing around with the ponies a little bit. Suzie got adjusted back on Saturday evening and now is off for some reason. I had her trot for me lastnight and she was still noticeably off, so I'm hoping the major adjustments the chiro did to her shoulder will settle soon enough. Poor mare.

And while we are on the topic of poor mare Suzie; she got a few lacerations inside her butt sometime before the Horse Show. It appeared fairly fresh when I found it and I started to clean it really well to ensure that no fecal matter was getting into it. Because of my awesome ridiculous cleaning regime, I came out to find this, two days into treating her butt-sores:

This makes my womanly parts hurt.
Yea. Not pretty.

The skin between her thighs began sloughing off and subsequently, would rub raw all day long. Why? Simply because I am an idiot and after washing her butt-sores, did not dry between her thighs. So.... Pony walked around all night and during the heat of the day with moist thighs (mmmm, that's a wonderful picture right there) and it chaffed really really badly.

A friend recommended I use baby butt cream so I went out to the barn armed with Zinc-cream and baby powder and doused Suzie with it andddd.... within 12 hours, the redness, heat and swelling all vanished! Hooray for non-angry dry thighs! Poor mare.

Pasty butt.

I repeated the treatment on Day 3 of Mission Dry Thighs and since then, have not repeated the treatment. As for her butt lacerations, they healed just fine and I am checking them daily. You can kind of see a bit of one puncture/laceration in the photo above, which has healed nicely!

Baby butt paste on my hands and the little black ickies
from mare-pant's legs.
Secondly, I've been treating her legs. She has these odd "black dots" all over her two back legs, extending up to her hocks. It isn't very consistent, and I believe it has something to do with bacteria/rain rot. I don't know how else to explain it... Her legs shed out these random hairs that have black "gunk" attached to the roots and previously, I had attempted to scrub the legs with betadine but all it did was aggravate the legs and make them bleed. but I have some antifungal ointment from the vet and have been using rubbing alcohol on the legs. I'm on Day 3 today of treatment, and before I treated the legs lastnight, I noticed a huge difference.

Here is my cleaning regime:

Step 1 - Douse the legs in Zinc-cream and baby powder to dry them out. This is what I used until I got the ointment from the vet. I found that the zinc-cream "gathered up" the gunky bits and loosened them up quite a bit. I left this concoction on her legs for a day until it dried.

You can see where she has "bare" spots after I had brushed her legs down to remove
the zinc-cream/baby powder. All these spots more or less had those black
ickies - save for a few spots where she just has scars.
Step 2 - Brush the crud out of the legs - ensure to brush off all hair/baby butt paste that was left over. Make sure to brush up by the hocks and brush against the hair to get all the dirt and yuckies out.

Step 3 - Prep the leg and kill any loose bacteria with rubbing alcohol on a gauze pad - pat down the leg with alcohol in all areas, including above the hock area.

Step 4 - Ensuring leg is dry from alcohol (don't have to use a lot), put on ointment in trouble spots.

After 1 treatment - you can see missing hair on the brown
leg easier, but there is pinker skin poking through the
white leg as well.
 Step 5 - Allow ointment to set/dry slightly and spray over legs with bug spray (I noticed the little noseeums have been chewing at the backs of her fetlocks, little nasty things!)

Annnnd lastly, what is GOING ON WITH MY MARE'S MANE.

Suzie disapproves of the overly full shit-barrow. I need a bigger one, me thinks.

WHAT in the WORLD has happened?! Suzie now is sporting half a friggen mo-hawk. Ewww. I completely regret pulling her mane after I found out Western folk don't normally pull manes - they just cut and sculpt... *cries* I'll have to see what kind of "fixing" I can do, but it's not looking hopeful! The hairs I pulled from underneath have grown and subsequently pushed the mane upwards and created this disgusting mo-hawk....

Annnd in Tally news, she still disapproves of the slow feeder so I've taken the "slow" attachment off. She has been spirited the last few days, I think she is missing being ridden.

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