Monday, June 16, 2014

Show Clothes

Horse show clothes, why you so expensive?!

Initially, I wasn't going to show Suzie in the Western events because she is older and it's a lot of work to prepare... and then I was going to because oh my goodness what else am I going to strive for this year!! And then I wasn't, because I barely have any time off work. And then I was because two shows land on the days I happen to be off.

The constant flip-flopping has subsequently caused me to look at the calendar and go, "Holy sheep balls! The next show is in three weeks and I have NO show clothes!" So I began looking online and nearly died. Who pays $1000 for a show shirt?! In what world is a SHIRT a thousand dollars?! Maybe a thousand doll-HAIRS. Sheesh.

I have a nice little turquoise pad that I ordered back in May that still isn't here yet (but that is another story for another time) and I picked out a cute show shirt to match it.

I think that turquoise is a bit of a ehhh color and I'm not even certain why I picked it, but I will have to live with it now... There is no turning back!

Also, I think I am going to forgo the chaps and just get a nice pair of black pants to wear considering chaps are like... $300 for a decent pair. No thank you!

Annnnd don't even get me started on my English gear... If I show Tally I'm gonna need some new breeches. I have ones from like... eight years ago. I think it's time to burn them.


  1. Show clothes are SO expensive... I have slowly gathered my wardrobe over the years :) It's the only way I can get nice stuff lol!

    1. It's tough when you are trying a new discipline (especially if you are converting from English to Western like I am)... you literally need ALL THE THINGS NOWWWWW.