Friday, June 20, 2014

EIN: Mid-Year Photo Challenge

 Eventing In Color has put out a wonderfully interactive blog post here and I think you all should get involved!

I haven't completed them all, so enjoy what I do have for now:

1. A between the ears shot.
-Not my favorite, but it's probably the most recent semi-decent photo I have.-

 2. Anything blooming at your barn

3. A picture taken of your horse at a random/weird/artistic angle.
-Taken a few days ago. Quarter Horse butts drive me nuts!-

4. The most attractive horse at your barn, other than yours.
-Well, that'd have to be Tally because Tally is the only other horse at the barn. AND because Tally IS gorgeous!-

5. Bath time photo.

5. A sweet picture of you and your horse.
-We don't take many photos together, but I like this one. It's from October 2013... not sure if that's too late!-