Friday, June 6, 2014

Boring Update

 I couldn't even think of a catchy title. Things on the pony front have still been pretty boring. I have popped onto her a few times bareback and lunging - other than that, we haven't put in a really good schooling session. Between working and, well, working some more, I haven't had the time. Thankfully, come Sunday, I'll have eight days off, so lots of pony time will be coming my way!! 

Additionally, on Sunday Tally will be "coming home" and I'll be able to restart her back undersaddle. I am super excited at the ability of leasing this mare; she is going to be A LOT of fun once I get her going!

Half-assed schooling on Wednesday evening.

In other news, yesterday I lunged the pony, bathed her and took her for a hand-walk. Today I was planning on riding but it looks like I'll be staying late at work... again. Sigh.  And Miss Mare needs her feet done again, so a farrier appointment will be in the works for my week off!

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