Monday, May 19, 2014

Yoohoo, Western Newbie!

Don't judge me. I love Frozen. Elsa is like, my spirit animal.

So the other day I realized something. I've been riding in my curb bit wrong. *head desk*

The purpose of a curb bit, obviously, is to provide leverage through the shanks. The shanks are designed to put pressure on the poll of the horse, but this effect does not work unless the shanks have something to draw force FROM - this is where the curb chain/strap comes in. The strap acts as a leverage point for the shanks and "activates" them. Without it, the shanks freely move up and down without any real effect other than just causing the bit to bounce around in the horse's mouth. 

This is her current bit; a double-jointed Argentine curb.

 Suzie has been having issues with listening in her Western bit and now I know why. The pressure of the curb isn't even working for her and it is acting more as a destructive little piece of equipment rather than a true leverage bit because by the time she listens to my rein aids, I am using WAY too much rein pressure. 

Initially, I'd like to try her in a chain and then move her up into a strap. I don't think that bitting her up is the way to go, but eventually I'd like to throw a low-port on her at some point this Summer. Of course, Western bits are ridiculously expensive and the two bits I bought for shits and giggles during a Tack Blow-out sale I sold!  Sad face. I'm wishing I still had them so I can try them!

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