Thursday, May 29, 2014

We Ran Under the Sun

"And we ran under the sun
Until our lungs burned,
And hearts trampled all our fears"

My photography friend came out lastnight and we literally threw together an impromptu photoshoot. It was abrupt, and all began with a text from me that read: "I want a poofy dress photoshoot!"
It wasn't necessarily a secret to either of us - I had wanted a photo of me cantering along in a field in a big, poofy dress for a looooong time, but I didn't really have that special horse. I mean, I did, but I never got a chance to take that photo with him. So, when I kind of threw that opportunity in my Photo-Savvy friend's face, she jumped at the chance.

The resulting photos speak for themselves. They are simply DIVINE.

Suz and I did have a productive week thus far - we had a lunging session on Monday in the rain and a nice schooling session on Tuesday coupled with a small trail ride. Wednesday we had a photoshoot and today, Suzie will be used again as a prop in a photoshoot for a small girl. I am kind of excited!

I'll elaborate on our training ride later!