Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Transformation Tuesday

A quick photo of us from yesterday. What a doll!

Suzie when I first brought her home in March 2013:
One of our first rides. You can see the lack of muscle tone and how god awful her neck looks!

Second day I had her home - lunging at a light jog.

Suzie in June 2013 after some supplements, grass/hay diet and some TLC:

All shedded out and looking positively radiant! Her neck doesn't look so pencil-y anymore!

 And lastly, Ms. Suzanne as of May 2014:

At a decent weight - hoping to keep this weight on her.

 She did balloon on weight a bit during last Summer, but now she is down to a decent weight and I'd like to make it one of my goals to keep her where she is now.


  1. Girl has some bootie! She looks great! :)

    1. She sure has that signature Quarter Horse badonkadonk ;) Thank you!