Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Just plain HECTIC.

New Saddle!

Things around here have been HECTIC as of late. I've been busy with working, trying to organize a Schooling Show for July, trying to find board for Suzie and a multitude of other personal problems that have surfaced throughout the last few weeks. Fortunately for me, things seem to work out in the best of ways and although there is a magnitude of worry, doubt and uncertainty, I think in the end, making it work is the only thing we can do.

But, with the bad, there has been some a lot of good.

The good:

Heading home after a wonderful, and quiet trail ride :)
  • It has been increasingly sunny - highs of 15C!
  • I've ridden my mare a few times - we went trail riding and she was completely ace. The more I ride her the more I fall completely and hopelessly in love with her. We had a beautiful trail ride through the country-side, over a bridge and through the middle of town. She took it all in stride and was wonderful throughout. She did have difficulties with the rocky-ground, but after consulting with the farrier, we have decided to start using venice turpentine and another solution the farrier has to help solidify and toughen her soles. Unfortunately for Suzie, her foot problem isn't going away just yet - farrier needs more foot to work with and Suz just doesn't produce enough. We will have to work on it, day by day and trim by trim.
  •  Suz is starting to take her antibiotics much better :) I've resulted to syringing the meds as opposed to using grain and she is now much better about taking it.
  •  My "new" Western saddle came in :)  My parents brought it back with them and it is beautiful! It fits so well. Downside is that the seller "forgot" to reattach the latigo so I have to wait for her to send it to me so riding in it right now isn't an option.
  • My vegetable garden is thriving!!! Yahoo! Just have to make up some planters boxes and we will be good to go, as they are inside right now.
  • The Schooling Show I have been planning looks like it will be going off without a hitch (fingers crossed!) I still have a lot more to do, but we've solidified a judge and all the "tough" stuff. So now it is up to advertising and getting prizes and ribbons. It'll be okay. I think.
  •  Tomorrow I go look at a boarding solution!! FINGERS HUGELY CROSSED. The fence needs fixing and a few other things, but it looks like next week Suz might get moved finally! I am SO eager for this and so excited.

The Bad: 

  • To be fair (and honest) nothing is SUPER horrible. The boarding situation fiasco has been a disaster but hopefully we have found a permanent place. I am just a wee bit nervous, as I work 10hr days and may need the BO to feed for me (Suz will be the only horse on the property). And that's the other thing. Suz being alone.... I don't like the idea. BUT, I may have the option to lease out a horse for companionship, but the BO/LO (Barn Owner/Land Owner) mentioned that one or two horses may come to her place in early Summer to graze on her grass. SO, Suzie won't be alone for long.
  • I have a MILLION things to do on my turn-around from work! I had planned lessons with an instructor, but if Suzie gets moved I don't think I will have time to have lessons. Including the fact that I have a friend who would like a riding lesson or two on Suzie... Gah! Additionally, there are personal appointments and things around the house that need doing. BUT, if I can get my ducks in a row and figure out the boarding situation prior to my time off, it'll be easy peasy.
  • I haven't been riding as much and it makes me sad. Just no real time for it. Family members in the hospital, other family members moving away at the end of the month and just... no time. I'm planning on making a pact to have 2-3 riding days a week, which will increase if/when Suzie gets moved, as there is an actual arena to ride at out there (which will be even more awesome for lessons instead of trailering out to the arena vs walking there with Suz).

How could anyone feel anything but peace in this moment?

So all in all, life isn't really all THAT bad. There is just a lot of hectic stuff going on. I'm trying to plan for horse shows this year - one at the end of August - and I don't have any show clothes or get up. Including, I don't have much time to practice right now.... I will get it together, I just need to breathe a little.

P.S. say goodbye to her mane. I'm chopping it off this week. *hides*

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