Saturday, May 24, 2014

In Which The Red Mare Causes Stress.

Suzie eyeing up the water bucket, but not drinking because she is a jerk.

 The Red Mare has decided to try and see how many shenanigans I can take and surprisingly, she is doing a damn good job at raising my stress levels lately!

Issue #1: Because of the lengthy bouts of rain we have had for the last four days, I have been unable to truly monitor her drinking levels. I had drug the water tub under the lean-to shed and found that, through observation of the tank and doing a pinch test the next day, she was dehydrated. Really mare?! I'm assuming that she hasn't drank any real "good" amount of water since 2-3 days ago and was only getting water from eating grass while it rained.

So, I dug up my sleeves and refilled the tub, fixed the other onsite converted bath-tub waterer, filled up her grain bucket full of water and also filled a white "half-barrel" tub. I also put her hay around the water buckets and showed her each and every one of them. I also put some fresh grass along the sides of one of the tubs and spent some time splashing water on her lips.

I came out about two hours later to check up on her and found that the white tub (pictured) had about 1/4 of the water missing! I checked the tub for leaks just in case, but none could be found. So I made the decision to go ahead and add salt to Suzie's grain and feed her that to stimulate the drinking response. Additionally, I dumped Gatorade into her water bucket that she seems to like. Will be heading out later today to check it out again and see how she has faired. Fingers crossed.

I hate you, rain rot. You suck.
Issue #2: Continuing with the ridiculous amounts of rain we have been getting, Suzie has started to get a super awful case of rain rot. I had been treating some very small spots (on her shoulders and by her tail base) with rubbing alcohol for the last week but almost overnight, her entire back and butt region have succumbed to the bacteria.

Hair is falling out everywhere! *CRIES* My elderly mare is BALD! Short of actually crying, however, I brought out some garlic powder and literally rubbed her down like I was rubbing a steak. Not only did she lick the garlic off of my fingers, but she now smells like she is ready for the BBQ. I'm quite certain that my SO thinks I am losing it, "Garlic powder? For what - the Grizzly bear that's been hanging around lately?"

I'm hoping to have this figured out within the next few days - the sun is shining today so she will be dry, thankfully. Mare likes to stand outside in the rain and graze all day, so it doesn't help!

Issue #3: Mystery lameness. Honestly, when is it not a mystery lameness with Suzie?! Her chiro is coming out today after work so hopefully we will get some answers - her shoulder may be out of alignment again.

But I also went ahead and spoke with the Farrier about her weird onset lameness and the farrier actually didn't see any lameness in the videos I sent her yesterday. So I'm thinking that because there are random rocks through the pasture, she may have a stone bruise. OR, as I am now reading up on - I think she has thrush. I'll have to check when I go back out today to see her hooves and make a real decision on what it actually is. OR I am losing it and she actually isn't lame and I'm making things up. Again.

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