Saturday, May 10, 2014

I'm gonna love you through it...

Everyone has drama in their life. Everyone has something they are struggling with. Something they are not coping well with. Something they are fighting.

But to have every day be a struggle? Why does every day have to be a fight?? That, is a life I am not interested in living. To have life so twisted and turned and feeling like you are going to burst at any moment at the seams isn't particularly a way I wish to live. This entry I am writing comes timely, as someone I know has succumbed to partial numbness and despair. I too, recall my own life becoming broken down into shambles all around me. I remember feeling the despair, the hurt, the wounds ripping open as the stitches along the seams burst. I remember it, I can relate to it, but I will never succumb to it again.

Breaking free of your worldly problems is the key to surviving disaster and to find your retribution is soothing. But how do you pick yourself up after you have fallen farther than you've ever fallen before?

It's simple. You pick yourself up, dust yourself off and face the day again. You don't need to become Superman and you don't need to rule with an iron fist; you just need to make those small steps. Sure, it may be in shambles, and sure it may be difficult to get back to your feet, but make the effort. Rise to the occasion and tell yourself you can do this. You can be anything you want to be just by doing. There is no reason to keep yourself down, because the farther you spiral down, the longer it will take to rise up. Horses are my freedom, and even though I may leave the barn still lost, and still confused, I have a brighter outlook of the day and I know that no matter what, there will be a tomorrow.

I know that some problems cannot be solved overnight, and sometimes it takes more than just a kiss to make it better. But in that same respect, we cannot treat these problems or over-faces of life as a threat. We should welcome the challenges life presents us; we don't need to relish in proving anyone or anything wrong. We just need to stand up for ourselves, fight for what we believe in and give it everything we got. We as equestrians know that some days you will leave the barn, struggling to hold back tears as you rehash your disastrous schooling session and feel nothing but defeat. But more days than that, we swell to the brim with pure and real happiness, all from a simple nuzzle of affection from our a thousand pound partner. 

And as we leave the barn, glancing into the rearview once more to see our horse staring back at us, we smile and think:

There will be a tomorrow.

Another day to make change. Another day to rise up and move forwards. Another day.

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