Thursday, April 17, 2014

Week in Review

Wearing a pretty browband. Super star!!
In the midst of being "ghost-like" to this blogging thing, I have been riding quite a bit! So, lets recap the week... or most of it anyways! Suz and I have been busy; we've put in some great schooling rides, have been visited by both the farrier and the chiropractor - wahoo.

On Sunday, we were visited by Stephanie who is Suzie's chirpractor/massage-er-er... er? We had a relatively quick visit due to the fact that, thankfully, Suzie didn't need much adjusting this year. Her topline was pretty much perfect - although her left hip was more "out" than her right one. Stephanie set her knee and right shoulder and that was pretty much it for our appointment. The Chiro commented how wonderful Suzie looked this year and that she seemed a lot more flexible and had retained a lot of the previous adjustments, which is fantastic news! Suzie was quite unhappy for the most part during the adjustments, but I could tell she had some immediate relief, especially in her knee-area which has been a problem area for quite some time. Chiro reccomended two days off for Suzie, so we did just that.

Riding in "Our Meadow" at the top :)
 Tuesday rolled around, and I saddled up Suzie-mare and we headed out to Our Meadow and instead of working in the spot that we normally do, I went farther up near a kids park and we worked a nice walk, jog and lope which Suzie gave wonderfully. We had some issues with inside bend and a bit of rushing, but I chalked it up to being unfit and not as limber as she could be - I did attempt to fix the issue, and Suzie DID try but I could feel that she just didn't "have it" in her to do it just yet.

At around 3 o'clock, a bunch of kids got off school and cut through the field and startled Suzie. Two girls literally sprinted towards us as we were loping in circles. Suz gave a little leap in the air and I brought her back to a walk - no muss, no fuss - and the girls running at us promptly stopped and stood there and watched. Several pedestrians passed on the sidewalk across from us, pushing strollers, some running their dogs and some were riding skateboards and the like. Suzie had no issues and settled her brain on schooling and was a receptive, willing partner. In the end it was We settled for a nice schooling and when we headed home.... NO HEAD TOSSING!!! -Insert Happy Dance here!!- We walked home on a long, loose rein and it was a great end to a wonderful ride.

Loose rein, walking home! Hell ya.
Wednesday we had an off day, as it was not only raining, but I was completely and utterly sore. The SO and I had been doing a lot of outdoor work and it had taken it's toll on my poor, aching body. So, Suzie got a day off, and so did I!

And lastly, today, the farrier came to visit this am and did a little reset of her shoes and now, I am still debating heading out to go do some Showmanship schooling. I am certain that tomorrow we will school SMS in a more proper manner and tonight may just be cause for some light grooming and loving before I head to bed and hit the hay.

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