Wednesday, April 9, 2014

SMS Improvement

I am beyond excited! We've started to get our SMS together and I am quite happy with our progress. I decided to go out on Monday - even though it was raining! - and take my mare for a little jaunt. It ended up turning into a little training session, which I videoed for reference. In the training sequence we focused a bit more on being "snappier" when doing the walk/halt/walk transitions so you will see me backing her up for not stopping instantly and you will also see me moving off before taking a moment to stand still.

She kept up pretty well and I was quite pleased; especially since our turns are really starting to come together. I feel as though we haven't really found our "cue" with body pressure to get her to move over, and instead, I have a hand on her shoulder as support to keep her straight when I am walking into her and as the video progresses, you will see the lightbulb start to go off.

I didn't have her SMS halter on - I have to clean it and oil it really badly. The leather is still quite stiff and could use some good conditioning so that is on the agenda before I use it again.

And without further ado, here is 13 minutes of our boring, but progressive training journey:


You can see our "training arena" is quite a mucky, disgusting piece of land that the contractors have been cleaning up and working on. I didn't intend to really do training and when I saw all that open area, I thought "what the hay". Initially it was a good plan, but I soon realized how slippery it was, I nearly took a spill a few times LOL! And other than the progress, I have nothing more to report on our adventures that day; other than OMG look how cute the heart on her bum looks!!

In other news, yearly Vet appt is scheduled for the 21st and her massage/chiro appointment is on Sunday morning. Oddly enough, she is as sound as she's ever been (knock on wood) and her legs feel great, nice and tight as well as her back... there aren't any sore spots except for a few parts here and there. I'm excited to hear what the Chiro will say about her visit this time!!

Also, I have to update as to my ride lastnight - soon, I promise!

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