Sunday, March 9, 2014

Why I Haven't Been Riding, Or... Christmas #2.

The past week and a half have been bitterly cold. And I don't mean, "Oh jeez, it's kinda cold, I should put some mitts on!" I mean, "HOLY BATMAN I THINK MY FACE JUST FELL OFF!" kind of cold. It was below zero with winds howling at -20C. Brrr! But the weather man told us not to worry, a warm front was coming! He specifically said to expect about 5cm of snow on Friday during the morning.
The weather man is a filthy, rotten liar. All throughout the day at work it snowed. And snowed... and snowed some more. After the ten hour shift, this is what my poor car looked like in the parking lot. I nearly cried. Actually, I had to first FIND my car. We [SO and I] ended up having to use the key fob to figure out which buried vehicle was mine.

Look how buried my tires are?! Oh quelle hourrer!
This doesn't look like 5cm of snow, now does it?

On the drive home from work, I started to worry about... our driveway. It took us almost an HOUR to shovel the snow from our two-car driveway and the truck was parked at home all day! So, in reality, we shoveled around the truck and the car's spot... Yikes. And now, well now it is pouring rain. The snow has turned into slush and the weather is dreary, cold and uninviting.

Suzie has been acceptably smart, however. She stays in her run in for most of the day and only toodles out to check things and sometimes even meets me at the fence when I am giving her her grains after work. She is still on her MSM/arthritis supplement [she will have been on it for two weeks come Friday] since our clinic is this Saturday (eek!) and I want her to be feeling a bit looser. I haven't been able to take her out for walks like I had planned since the roads are so icey and the weather has been the pits. But, her pasture has been opened up so she has the option to roam a bit more than before which is good. She certainly was taking advantage of that during our cold snap.

An obligatory photo of Ms Suzanne (taken a few weeks back) in
her new halter!

I am already planning out for our clinic what I need to do to ensure her comfort which includes taking it easy during the lesson. I don't plan on going all out, attempting sliding stops and spins like the pros, but it'll be good for Suz to get out and jog and lope around a few times and getting some good stretching in. I have also decided that since it'll be our first clinic of the year, I am going to be heading out there early to let her stretch out her legs and walk around prior to the lesson. We'll see what happens though, the roads could very well be closed with all of this disgusting weather we are getting. Fingers crossed it is a successful clinic and we learn a lot!

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