Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hand Walking, Mud Pits and Weather that Won't Change it's Mind.

Truthfully, the last week has been an influx of slush and rain - ranging from light pitter patter droplets to massive tsunami outpours from the sky. It has been a dreaded week, and although Suzanne seems to be making the best of it (she is still rather uppity due to the increase in feed/supplements) she can't help but look miserable. I mean, she hasn't even started shedding yet. -Insert Sad Face Here-

On Sunday, the SO and I loaded up the dogs for a walk and ended up taking Suz with us. We trekked through some of the snow on the back "quad" trails and poor Suzie sunk up to her knees, but trucked along with her ears perked and head swinging back and forth in interest. We walked through the little forest area where a plot of acreage sits - which the SO and I are hoping to purchase come Summer-time - and walked through what we call "Our Land". Suzie was full of herself walking through the snow - flicking her hooves up and snorting and just being a general PITA. Once we came down the small embankment and into the woods, she perked up in the "Oh, I HAVE to watch where I'm going" sense considering there were fallen trees, tree roots and mounds of snow all littered throughout our trail.

We came to the front of the property line, where it meets the road and since the company had been irrigating the properties, there is a "dip" downwards, kind of like a "V" but less steeper. Anyways, there was a large fallen tree in our path and since we couldn't really find an alternate path due to the large amount of rock/gravel along the way, I decided to have Suz go over it.

I walked over it first and Suzie hit the end of the leadrope and looked at me like, "Nope". I gave her a tug and she started her way over. Both front legs were over and she went to lift her hind leg and the look on her face was priceless as she tried to get it over... She struggled a bit and tried to pull back, but made it over without incident.

We continued our walk which included scaling over a large gravel pit, where Suzie stopped to "model" at the very top and the SO snapped a photo. Annnnnd then we ended up veering off course, exploring and walking along a clay bank. Half-way through, Suzie started sinking... I warned the SO, but we were so close we decided to just power through it. Well. I kept watching and watching with each adn every step, but Suzie would start sinking more and more the longer she took - and she was being very careful! So, when Mare sunk to her hocks and I called it quits. As I did, Suzie must've known, because she started to turn around back the way we came before I was ready and subsequently splattered all kinds of clay and mud up my side. As we walked, er, jogged, back to the safety of firm ground, SO just laughed at the hilarious amount of clay I had stuck to my boots and pants from Suzie flinging it at me on the way out.

She has a very good sense of humour sometimes.

After that ordeal, I apologized to her and we walked home. I got most of the clay off and the next day, she was just fine. Legs were all tight, cold and perfect!

And finally, since it isn't raining today, I am hoping to give her a little pampering after work <3 I know she REALLY needs it. Her tail has grown so much and would look lovely all brushed out <3

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