Friday, February 7, 2014

-25C = Blanket Time

There has been an immense cold-front blowing through our region and the temperatures have steadily dropped to -25, which is ricidulously cold! The river the SO and I drive past every morning for work is frozen solid! So, much to Suzanne's delight, I strapped her blankie back on. The wind has been completely bitter and chills you right to the bone, so Suzie hasn't been doing much since she got her feet done. 

In all reality, between the intense cold and the short days/long nights, I haven't had much time to really play around with her. Work has taken up a lot of my shedule - 6 days a week and 10 hour days take a lot out of you. I am looking forward to my (one and only!) day off tomorrow, and I am insistant on braving the cold to go play with my mare. Initially, I had planned on riding Suzie for the first time this year (well, ride ride) but I don't think that is going to happen...

And on the list of things that are not going to happen: the clinic I had signed up for. Le sigh. Work is going to be needing me to work over that weekend and I can't necessarily say no, mostly because I am still the lowest one on the totem pole, and the extra cash would be nice. 

And lastly, it is supposed to snow next week. SNOW. Are you KIDDING ME?! It better not!

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