Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Short days and long nights.

She looks pretty damn good for not doing much the last three months, hey? I'm actually quite pleased with how she looks, overall. She lost a lot of muscle tone and is kind of flabby and saggy, but with the craptastic weather we've been having, I'm happy with where she currently sits.

Mostly, she's just been eating. I've been working non-stop and by the time I get off of work, it's already dark and there is literally no time for anything. The one day I did have off, I took the photo above, and as you can tell, it was pouring rain. I don't think she minds just hanging out in the paddock, though, as she seems content to mull around and putter through her days. But, I will be happy when the days start to get longer and I can actually start working with my mare.

My plans are simple: start off slow. Lots of hand-walking and undersaddle walking - a bit of trail riding, really. Most of our issues are going to stem from the fact that our winter has been kind of bogus - there is literally no snow on the ground anymore and we nearly had a green Christmas. It's been soggy and wet, so Suz's hooves are mushy and damp 24/7. I've been putting Venice Turpentine on them to help them harden up, but I think it's kind of a catch 22 with the water just making it all evaporate away.

I hope the next time I blog I have something more interesting to say!

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