Sunday, January 26, 2014

All about the feet.

So I've decided that in order to be successful with my mare, mitigating her lameness issues will only come through being pro-active. The age old saying goes "No hoof, no horse" and it's high time I started learning. Admittedly, I am not necessarily competent enough to look at a horse's hoof and say "Yikes! That looks like it could use some work!" I see the glaring faults, but don't know the terminology or the extent of the problem other than "the toes look long" or "the heels look low". I need to understand what CAUSES this.

And through my trials and tribulations to find a farrier in my area (the one who was working on her when I first got her is now out of commission for an undetermined amount of time, so I will need to experiment with a new farrier, which I am a bit bashful about!).

I took some photos of Suzie's hooves yesterday to compare with a trim/shoeing the new farrier will do - hopefully soon! My mare is quite overdue for a trim and between trying to find a farrier and having the phone ring and ring, its been an ordeal!

Right now I am seeing a lot of cracks and chips in her hooves - not too many, but enough for me. I am also seeing flares, especially on the hind hooves and the flares are consistent in that they are only on the outside of the hoof, not the inside. Because of these flares, I am assuming this is where the cracking/chips are coming from, due to the pressure. Her heels look good (to me!) and I don't see any evidence of a crushed heel.

All in all, after all the reading I've done, she could use just a good trim. Her toes are too long and her hooves are flared out. Hopefully the farrier will answer my calls so I can finally book him and get my horse some relief.

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