Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 Review

The year of 2013 had it's ups and downs - as with anything in life.

Perhaps the most profound thing that impacted my riding career was finally owning my first horse. My horse. It is still an odd, and almost peculiar concept to me, as my equestrian-needs were often filled by horses who were not being used, naughty for their owners, or they were just in need of someone to love them. And all of these horses - from the creamy palomino gelding to the fiery red-headed Thoroughbred - filled a void. They gave me escape from a very ordinary world, and as I moved from horse to horse (not by choice), I grew. I overcame the deaths of friends, partners and therapists. I learned about dedication, commitment and pure harmony. And all of it led up to one moment; the signing of papers and loading a red mare into a slant-loaded trailer.


 Suzie has been more of a blessing in my life than anything. She is the most honest horse I have ever met - she tells it like it is and if you don't like it, too bad for you. She has a way of teaching, a way of giving me lessons to learn that no other horse has ever done before. And because of this, it took a long time for me to gain any kind of common ground with her. We started out on a level-playing field, and grew to immense dislike, and then we shifted. Something shifted inside of us.

We stopped fighting eachother and we both started listening. Instead of saying "What else do you want?!" we started to use more manners... We were kinder. I saw her eyes change. They softened. She seemed to relax, knowing that I had no intentions of letting her go anywhere. She had been bounced from home to home and I had lost so many horses along the years that we were both very faulty in our relationships. We both had broken hearts. We both needed to heal. And in time, it seemed like we had expanded into more of a respectable, and wonderful dream. I trusted her. She trusted me. And it was a perfectly beautiful thing.

I am excited for the year of 2014. Suzie and I are more connected than we have ever been, and bringing her back into riding once the snow melts and the grass dries will be an exciting time. I have no doubt  that we will have some hiccups along the way, but so long as we have eachother, we will make it. So long as we have determination, will and fight in us, we will succeed.

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