Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Wind is Relentless!

Poor mare.

It sure is bone-chilling COLD outside and with the added wind rolling off the mountains, Suzie's old bones sure are feeling it. I've been continuing with the arthritic supplement and pain reliever as well as doing some massaging and stretching when I see her.

A few days ago, I figured "Hey, exercise would be good for her!" and took her for a quiet hand-walk. I went to go pull out her halter and leadrope from the tack shed, and it was FROZEN. Her lead rope was all twisted and grotesque looking and wouldn't unfurl so I had to hand-walk her with this awfully cold and STIFF lead rope. Suzie kind of just looked at me like, "Really?" when I proceeded to put her halter on her and continue as if everything were normal.

Initially, she seemed very ouchy on her feetsies and turns out, she just has crappy feet. Since her shoes were pulled off for the winter, her crappy hooves are mega crappy. We [farrier and I] are working to get her feet in the shape we want them to be, but it'll take some time. Still, I felt bad that she was hobbling on the rocky, frozen parts of the trail and seeking refuge on the soft mushy grass spots. Whatever the case, I think she was actually happy to get out. Sitting in a paddock can get you going stir crazy after a while, I imagine.

And I'm bad. No photos for any of you - it was too damn cold to take any and the ones I did get turned out crappy!

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