Monday, December 9, 2013


Well, it's been below 0 for the last week and I thought Suzie could tough it out, but the wind has just gotten to be too much for her and she shivered like a little ninny. So, I broke out the blankets. At first, I intended on only putting a wind-breaker type blankie on her and see how she did. So, I threw it on her and came back a few hours later to check on her.

She was cold.

So, I brought out her brand-new fluffy blankie and threw it on her. She instantly seemed much happier.

Until it warms up a bit more, I'll keep her blanket on her and keep checking on her. I've also been keeping up with her arthritis meds and she seems so much happier with that. It's been tempting to snow today, so once it does, I think it'll warm up and Suzie's old joints will feel better too.

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