Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Annnnnd she's naked!

Suzie is back to being naked again! The weather has warmed up considerably and it's even drizzled rain a bit today, so I pulled off Suz's blanket and put it away in the tack room. It should be warming up more and more as the days go on, so hopefully Suzie won't need her blankie again for a while. 

She's naaaaaaaaked! And on a sidenote, I am quite pleased with her weight here.

While I was looking her over and doing my inspection, I noticed that she had a lot of dried poop stuck on her girlie parts, so I ran back to the truck and cleaned her up. Not sure if she's having diarrhea - I doubt it because I haven't noticed anything. But in any case, I'll be keeping an eye on it. Her blanket did go over the head of her tail, so maybe while pooping she had a hard time lifting the flap up? I'm kind of leaning towards that is what happened.

So I went back out about 3 hours later to take her out for a short walk. Initially, I was going to refrain from taking her out for walks since her feetsies seemed quite ouchy, but today I thought if we stuck to the road and away from the rocks she'd be fine. She did perfect and was fine walking along the road, but then on the way home, she acted gimpy up on her front right. 

She is broker than broke. I love that she puts up with my shenanigans.

I swear, this mare is going to make me pull my hair out! I'm nearly certain she had too much foot taken off from her previous trim in October and now with the cold and wet weather we've been having her feet are just mushy and soft. Sigh. You can't really win. I am tempted to put shoes with pads on her, but once the snow comes she will be completely screwed with those on. Our snow is really compact and will just pack itself in her feet until she has high heels on... So, those shoes aren't really an option either.

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