Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday Lunging!

The last few days have been a mixture between rain and clouds, but today it was spectacularly sunny and after I walked the dogs, I set out to go see my mare.On Saturday, Suz had her shoes pulled off by the farrier which went well. She had some issues really stretching up her hind-legs (probably due to the arthritis in her hocks and since I haven't been doing her stretches that the massage therapist showed me [bad mom!]). The farrier found some stress knots in her neck, so we massaged some of those. So today, I wanted to go out and let Suz stretch her legs, do some massaging and stretching.

We hand-walked the 10 min to the giant field just down the street from where Suzie is boarded - I knew she would be "fresh" not only because she hadn't been exercised in a while, but also because she was blowing and snorting the entire walk. I had to laugh at how ridiculous it was, to be honest. I set up and  lunged her out.

She speed-trotted at mach10 for a few seconds and afterwards, was as good as gold. The field is almost directly parallel to a street, so I had a large amount of motorists slowing down to watch, and one elderly lady walking her dog stopped and watched for several minutes. I didn't mind, but when Suzie was misbehaving I wanted to smack her, but obviously couldn't with people watching!

Anyways, we did a bit of jogging and loping and called it quits. My intention wasn't to completely school her or make her sweat; my intention was to allow her to move her legs and keep active. Due to it being winter time and the temperatures dropping, I've put her back on her arthritis medication since she seemed a bit more stiff today. When I was massaging her after the walk home, her hind fetlocks felt "sticky" so I spent some extra time massaging and stretching. She looked a bit happier after the massage and stretching, which was nice to see.

She's my old little red-headed mare and I love her. <3 Tomorrow I may not have time to do any hand-walking, but if I do, we will possibly be going for a short jaunt to get her out and about. The best thing for an arthritic horse is movement!

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